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From Our Counselors


I feel lonely even though there are people around me.

By Hector Reyes, 6th Grade

I drew this because the whale tail reminded me of the ocean and so I decided to draw an ocean view with a big wave.

By Cindy Nolasco

There is a beautiful underwater world below us. Soon it will be lost and we need to preserve our underwater sanctuary. 

By Milan Greil

Celebrate love and happiness.

By Emma Ann Fairbrother

I drew this whale because whales are subject to such bad things. For example, poaching and are dying from plastic too. 

By Chester Bier

I drew my whale tail because of trafficking, sea pollution, and whale poaching. They are serious problems that need more coverage. Also, I drew the lightning bolt and the sun because I thought they looked cool. Pollution and whale hunting has gone overboard. 

By Jack Dore

I drew a flower to represent beauty and how everyone is beautiful inside and out.

By Janelle Soto

Seeing a colorful whale means you are going to have a great day.

By Jiajin Yu, 6th Grade

I designed the whale tail with daisies which are flowers and that's my dog's name.

By Cyree Maneja, 7th Grade


I made this because I really like patterns and think they are cool.

By Reyna Solis, 8th Grade

This image shows how life is weird and has many patterns and ups and downs.

By Melanie Jimenez, 8th Grade

This specific whale tail is a ghost tail.  It is a spirit to a whale that passed away.

By Eros Reyna, 8th Grade

I made this because people often try to be something they are not.  So the hand is trying to escape this,

By Audrey Benavides, 6th Grade

I drew this because their is so much to explore on our planet and we should enjoy it before are no longer able to.

By William Lazio, 6th Grade

I drew this representing people that are gay/bi because they are often disrespected and they need to know that they are their own persons and should be proud of themselves.

By Sarah Ruvacalva, 6th Grade

I did this because it reminded me of my childhood when my mom took me to see firework with my dad, sister brother and baby sister.

By Lincoln Ramirez

I drew a dying flower because Mother Nature is slowly dying.

By Kimberly Torres, 6th Grade

I added these images because the avocado is just chilling and I think that whales are really chill.  Also the heart means loving and caring which are important.

By Gaabriela Santiago, 6th Grade

Many things "hit" us but we can always go through them.

By Jaden Martinez

Oil and chemical spills kill sea life

By Vincent Chung

This reminds me of Hawaii and the beautiful ocean and flowers.

By Sky Nova

I drew this because "Up" is one of my favorite movies and it has a good message.  " Adventure is out there."  It means you'll never get anywhere if you stay in your comfort zone.  You need to be brave and fearless.

By Monica Urrutia, 7th Grade

I drew tropical animals because I believe tropical places should be more protected.

By Vanessa Gutierrez

Being neglected or hurt by someone causes you to try to destroy your world to find happiness even if it means destroying yourself.

By Alyssa Juarez, 8th Grade


"The prettiest eyes have cried the most. The prettiest smiles hide the deepest secrets and the most kindest heart has felt the most pain."  

Don't hide your feelings.

By Daisy Availes


We are like arrows, we keep on flying until we hit the target.

By Luca Broggi

The green is earth.  The blue is ice.  The bunny is for life.  The ghost is for after life.  The spikes are for hardship.

ByAlexander Ramos.

I drew the female gender sign to show women empowerment because I feel it is not expressed enough.

By Victoria Farias, 8th Grade

I liked this image because it is an abstract image and it is simple.

By Dexter Cross

I made this to bring more awareness to how we pollute our oceans.

By Santiago Orellano, 6th Grade

This drawing represents climate change and the Australian wildfires.  Whales live in the ocean which could have its ecosystem wrecked by climate change.  The black circles are smoke, showing how we are trapped and ARE ALL GOING TO DIE unless we do something.

By Raphael Waggoner, 6th Grade

"Life is too important to be taken seriously."  Oscar Wilde

By Rye Junker, 6th Grade

My design represents day and night.  I drew this because I like how day and night look together.

By Belinda Martinez

This whale tail drawing is about how whales are killed for oil and their fins, and used for soup of other foods and sometimes even clothing or collectors' items.

By Joseph Glaze

I drew the peace sign because their is a lot of bullying and we need to respect all humans.

By Frank Alvirde, 8th Grade

I drew toxic chemicals spilling into the ocean because many sea creatures die due to chemical spills.

By Ryan Arboleda

I drew this because I live nature and I want to show that life has many different paths.

By Lesley Bermeo

Fossil fuels pollute the environment and will likely run out in our life time.

By Giovanni Ataide

These symbols represent positive and negative.  Our lives are also positive and negative, even our mistakes.

By Josue Aviles

We are not the only creatures that matter on earth.

By Gabriel Gaytan

I drew palm trees, a sun, and shells because I like the beach.  I collect shells and look at palm trees and how they sway in the wind.

By Sofia Gomez

An average of 7 tons of oil spill into the ocean every year.  So many animals suffer from the mistakes of human. This is why I drew a whale in oil with a small seagull, to show how bad it gets.

By Sophia Vasquez

Just as the whale is a big part of the ocean, my phone is a big part of me.

By Natalia Gonzalez

The scenes I drew on the whale tail are all related to exploration.  Whales migrate each year and every year it is a new route to explore. m I have a feeling that mankind will soon make a breakthrough in space exploration.

By Eliana Gabriel