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Dress Code / Uniform

Student Uniforms

Uniforms are worn throughout the academic school year except for a few special days.


All students are strongly encouraged to wear a school uniform. Our goal is for 100% participation from every student.

  • Pants, Shorts, Skirts:  Must be black.

  • Shirts:  Must be the collared uniform shirt with the Irving Magnet logo.  Polo shirts are sold in the student store.

  • All sweatshirts and sweaters must be either solid black or blue. Students are encouraged to purchase an Irving Magnet hooded sweatshirt at the student store.

  1. NO Clothing or jewelry deemed provocative, disruptive, or offensive to the educational process. (Clothing with slogans, pictures that depict alcohol, drugs, tobacco, sex, racism, and/or violence).
  2. NO Gang or crew-related clothing of any kind;
  1. Hats, bandanas, hair-nets, or any headgear worn without administrative approval
  2. Baggy pants/shorts/sweatpants that are larger than the student’s actual waist measurement, or fall below the waistband of their undergarments
  3. Initialized belt buckles
  4. Shorts extended below the knee in combination with socks that approach the knee
  5. Professional team attire
  6. Belts may not hang or dangle from the waist
  1. Nylon or polyester sports-type pants or shorts with elastic waist drawstring.
  2. Attire that may be used as a weapon such as spikes, chains, steel-toed boots, studs, etc.
  3. NO Backless or open-toed footwear.
  4. Shorts and skirts that is shorter than mid-thigh length
  5. Hoods on sweaters/shirts are not to be worn over the head while on campus.

Uniform Prices

  • Polo shirt $15
  • Sweatshirt $25
  • Sweater $20
  • PE combo $22

Please remember to send your child to school with the appropriate school uniform daily.