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Art With Ms. Mayer, by Ezekiel Cruz

My experience has been amazing so far. Art has been a great time and experience because I thought it would be boring. Personally myself I am not a great artist so I had a bad opinion on it. When Ms. Mayer talked about how the grading works and I gave it a chance and I’m really glad I did. Currently, we were working on lines and the different kinds of lines there are but we have also done lots of fun projects. 


Art has a different grading system than other classes. Ms. Mayer accepts work late and gives full credit as a normal assignment would. Ms. Mayer also grades work on the effort, unlike other teachers who grade on how it looks. Her assignments are also easier than most others. Which is a nice bonus and makes people more comfortable in the class. 


Art is a great class and can really change people's minds on it. It definitely changed my opinion on just by a couple of 

months its been. So in conclusion that has been my experience in art, it’s a great class and if you’ve never tried you should. It’s a decision you won't regret even if you don’t like art.