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Coding at Irving by Logan Garcia

At Irving, there are several different electives you can take during your time here. One of them, for example, is Mrs. Ziegler’s coding class. Coding is something that everyone should learn at some point, even if it’s for a little while. It may open up entirely new paths to new careers and opportunities, especially in this day and age. Best of all, there are so many fun activities that make this class way better than it already was. We are currently making our own apps with the app lab on, and they can be whatever you choose to make! Whether it’s a platformer or a study guide, your dream can become reality! 

This class is also taught by one of the best teachers on campus, Mrs. Ziegler! She is an excellent teacher with a great sense of humor. Once you get to know her, she will always be there for you, and will help you with whatever you need. All of the kids that are in my class have had her for at least one year, so we all feel super comfortable around her. The kids in the class are kind, and will help you if you need it. Mrs. Ziegler will even have friendly conversations with the kids in her class, getting to know them better and to become friends with her students. 

Overall, this is a great elective to take, especially if you’re new to it. Ms. Ziegler will walk you through it step by step, guiding you through the process. It’s an extremely fun class, where you can learn code, hang out with your friends, and experience new ways to open up pathways to a possible career in the future. All of this and much, much more, can be learned in this coding class!