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Our Math Program by Elmer Esqueda

The Mathematics for this school is awesome with the Required Course Assignments or for short RCA and Translations, Story Problems, and Tuesday quizzes. We are currently on RCA#48. And we needed to have 20 translation stamps for the last report card. We are learning about geometry and angles. Our wonderful teachers are Mr.Elicegui, Ms.Doung, Mr.Nyugen, Ms.Li, Mr.Noh, and etc. And the one in charge of all this is Mr.Z He makes all the RCAs, Tuesday quizzes and etc. The RCAs include square root, exponents, translations, and some basic math. 

We have Math tutoring every day except Tuesday you can usually get around 3 or 4 stamps if you try hard enough. And then an additional stamp on this page that counts as extra credit. The teachers go on rotations so there are different teachers each day. They give us paper if we don’t have some. There’s also Saturday School they get pizza after they are done with getting all their stamps. 

So how has this program helped our Math test scores.  Irving is now in the top five middle schools in LAUSD!