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Short Story Competition by Jack Dore

As most know, Irving Middle School is named after famous writer Washington Irving. An author most famous for writing Sleepy Hollow, Washington Irving was a great influence to other great writers, and inspires writers to this day. And here at Irving, that writing spirit is best shown in the Irving short story competition! 

Set up by Mr. Rich of the Irving staff, even with prize money coming out of their very own pocket! His goal is to get the students at Irving Middle to show their creativity in a nice compact story using the double space tool. The story can be up to five pages long and can be original or an adaptation, no plagiarism. Now, last time there were ten contestants, and three came out on top. What did the top prizewinners get? First prize was one hundred and fifty dollars, second was seventy-five 

dollars, and third got fifty. With three hundred dollars on the line it’s easy to see why the short story competition was a big hit last year. 

Over all, the short story competition is a great opportunity for students to strut their writing passion and earn some money while doing it. It is a fine way to pass time or something you can spend a lot of time on. In honor of the program, tI wrote this E-times article double-spaced. However, our website format only allows single space,  Oh well, Jack Dore signing out.