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Parent Resources


Schools communicate regularly with parents using the Blackboard Connect system, through which parents receive automated calls regarding school situations, including emergencies. If you are not receiving Blackboard Connect (Connect Ed) messages, check with your child’s school to ensure that the school has the correct number for you. It is imperative that we have phone numbers to contact you during an emergency. Make sure you update your school emergency card and contact information for each child each time the information changes.

Keep your phone with you during emergencies so that you can receive updates on the emergency by Blackboard Connect automated messaging service. Make sure you keep your address and phone numbers updated with the school so that you can be notified in the event of emergencies. Although there are people assigned to answer phones at school, during an emergency these lines are likely to be overloaded, and are not your best source of information. For school emergency information, check the following sources: the LAUSD television station KLCS, AM radio news stations 980 and 1070,, your school's website, the official LAUSD Facebook/Los Angeles Schools, or the LAUSD Twitter feed@LASchools.

Downloadable School Emergency Information Card - This wallet card provides basic emergency contact information for the school your child attends. Download and complete this card and keep it with you in case of an emergency at school.

Schools have numerous ways to communicate with their own staff, other schools and district personnel, and outside agencies that may respond in the event of an emergency. These methods include a public address system and two-way radios, so that a school need not rely on the phone system.

Depending on the emergency, you may not be able to get close to the school and may be asked to wait in a safe area near the school. If it is hazardous for students to be released, everyone will be kept inside the school until notified by the authorities that it is safe outside. Schools will act with the safety of students in mind, and school officials will always follow the directives of the police department and the fire department.

Keep yourself informed of school procedures by attending parent meetings, reading the student-parent handbook, and school newsletter, and checking the school website periodically. Attend emergency drills, and ask about emergency plans when you visit the school.