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Dimitri Martinez is the Irving Chess Tournament Champion. He emerged victorious and qualified to play Mr. Roskam in the Final Match!!!

By Valery Rodriguez

  Hey, do you know about the new community representative in the office? His name is Jose Rivera. He loves to collect movies, music and sports jerseys. He loves Wolverine. He's his favorite character from X Men.  He even has a tattoo of him. He isn't married and his favorite food is Chinese food.


The Lie: He is married, of course, to Ms. Sonia 

     Have you met the new staff member in the attendance office? Her name is Ms. Alicia. She loves to eat pizza and is a big Dodger fan. She also has three children and can be very unorganized sometimes which can be problem, she is also very creative.


  The Lie: She is very creative and she is unorganized

     Have you seen the new Science teacher at Irving? Her name is Ms. Solis and she's from Las Vegas. She once walked from Mexico to Canada. She also used to teach in a jail. She also happens to be a YouTube celebrity.


The Lie: Is a YouTube celebrity

 Have you met the new office worker? Her name is Ms. Neyma and she has 3 four legged "kids."  One is a dog named Winkles.  She also has a cat named Pudding, and another cat named Yacity. She is a Dodger fan and she loves the color blue. She can be rude at times and she isn't very respectful.


Lie: She can be rude at times and she isn't very respectful 

 It's sad that Mr. Mac is gone, but at least we have a new funny and cool music teacher. His name is Mr. Cerrato. He loves his bike and he has three broken bones. He loves to eat tacos and loves the college USC.



The Lie: He loves USC ( Have you seen his classroom? A whole side is dedicated to UCLA. )

Students Sell Their Handicrafts at Irving's Holiday Boutique

Painting by Anthony B. Callejas, 7th Grade

Irving's Winter Concert, December 12th

Irving Students Compete in the Special Olympics by Jamilyn Diaz and Rebecca Parra, 8th Grade

Several Irving classes took part in the Special Olympics at Maya Angelia High School. Among the victors was Mr.Hill's class which won third place in soccer.  Ms.Tan's class competed in Hocker, a type of hockey that visually impaired students are able to play, they got nice silver participation awards. Every one had a great time playing against others schools and winning prizes.

By Sofia Vera

Ms. Veronica is Irving's new Health Care Assistant.  

She won't tell a lie so all we could get was three truths.

1) She is a baseball fan

2) She loves grape jelly

3) She likes sushi

 Did you hear about Ms. Gavin the new English teacher for sixth and seventh grade? Someone told me that she played the tenor saxophone in her high school marching band and jazz band. When she was three years old she traveled to Japan with her dad and tried sushi for the first time. Did you know that she was G.I Jane for Halloween last year And her first live concert was *NSYNC. 


The Lie: She went to Japan with her dad and tried sushi for the first time.

 Have you seen the new Math teacher at Irving? His name is Mr. Noh he teaches math to 6th graders and he even teaches 9th grade math to some of our 8th graders.. I heard that he grew up in New York, and that he has a black belt in tae kwon do. He also has 1 doctorate degree and 2 masters degrees. 


The lie: He has 1 doctorate degree 

      Have you seen the new Science and Magic of Electrons teacher? He is honest and he also forgives a lot. He also loves sea food like Red Lobster and shrimp. He is also always sad no matter what.


Lie: He is always sad