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Coding by Logan Garcia

This year, in Ms. Zieglers coding class, we learned how to animate and see what things such as video games look like in their very early stages. We are also learning on how to create our very own ...more

Obamarama by Jack Dore

When the class for graphic design on either March tenth or March eleventh started, the students were warned by Ms. Nariman that they would be challenged by the next project more then any other in her ...more

Zoos Are Prisons by Valery Sifuentes 8th Grade

Many people aren’t aware of the cruelty and long term effects animals develop because of zoos. Since captive animals are deprived of all things natural to them, they usually develop “zoochosis”. ...more

Cooking Class by Kyra Solis

Friday after school is the only time and day you can go to cooking class. But you have to be signed up to be in the program to get in the class. Signing up is easy, Just ask for a form and let your ...more

Robotics trip To Iowa by Nicholas Evaristo, 8th grade

The trip to Iowa was an amazing experience. It was my frist time riding on a plane in a while. We arrived in Iowa on Wednesday April 3 and stayed there until Sunday April 7. Our robotics teams ...more

Our Game Board Project by Gianne Figueroa, 8th Grade

In the beginning of the year of 8th grade, my classmates and I were given the assignment to make a boardgame about the 13 colonies. Each group consisted of 4 people and we had about 3 weeks to ...more

LACER Word Wizard by Marcella Quintanar, 8th grade

For many months at LACER a group of students, including me, practiced every week. Practice for what you might ask? For Word Wizard. In Word Wizard we learned sixty college level words. We didn’t ...more

Working On The E-Times Page by Nadia Warner

During the second semester of the school year, I was given an option to work on the E-Times page on our Irving website. I happily accepted it and started working on it. I took pictures of these ...more

Film by Jacob Cheung

Film in Irving Steam Magnet is cool and I am greatful for having this class. In this class you get to read and take down notes about the movie. One of the best movies that I watched is Lion. The ...more

Music Field Trip To LA Phil by Emma Fairbrother

On this exciting day everyone who came to the field trip to LA Phil was amazed by seeing Michael Giacchino. He talked about composing for many, many movies. We also saw 3 or 4 different high ...more

My Geometry Class by Dillon Chan 8th grade

I am in Geometry because I took eighth grade math when I was in seventh grade and now I take geometry. In geometry we relearn some of the things in eighth grade math and then we get to work on ...more

Pythagorean Theorem by Diego Larios, 8th grade

The Pythagorean Theorem is used to find an unknown side of a right triangle. Lets say I have both sides (exlude the hypotenuse) lets call them “a” and “b”. To find the hypotenuse (we’ll call it “c”) ...more

Dancing With Ms. Dunn, by Nashaly Reyes, 8th Grade

This school year went by really quickly for me honestly and I think part of the reason was because of how much fun I was having during dance. Every day that was periods 1-4 I would always find myself ...more

Catapult Project by Rolan Duclayna 8th Grade

For science class we had to do this project where we had to make a catapult because we were learning about machines. Our science teacher told us to make a catapult with 3 different people. My ...more

Drag Racers by Valery Rodriguez

The drag racer that my friend and I made was done in robotics. We had to build four different types of drag racers, but we only managed to make three different types. The car was programmed to travel ...more

Aquarium of the Pacific By Lucas Henrich

On April 24, 2019, a group of LACER students visited the Aquarium of the Pacific. Even though the bus ride was long, we entertained ouselves with Nintendo Switches. When we got there, we were ...more

My Physical Education By Trinity Smith

Physical education or P.E. for short is great! It's great because you get to build up your muscles and you are learning at the same time. Your not learning stuff that you learn in other classes, ...more

That One Time In Math By Rebecca Parra

I think it was Tuesday when it happened, I was being quite oblivious and was getting everything I needed for class out from my backpack. Just when I placed the paper we were doing for math right nex ...more

My Camping Trip by Victoria Qurian

One time, my friends and I went to a camping trip with the school. It was the best trip I have ever taken. On Friday, we just set up camp, ate diner, and went on a little walk. On Saturday, we did ...more

One Trip to the Walt Disney Concert Hall By Genevieve Sumbingco

The music program at Irving and I were going to the Walt Disney Concert Hall to watch live music. I wasn’t really expecting much from the trip, but at the end of the trip, I was amazed by what I ...more

Executive Editor Nadia Warner, 7th grade Contributing Graphics and Layout Shawn Malik and Nathaly De LaTorre,8th Grade

School Dance by lawrence sanchez

It was Lawrence’s first school dance. He was also new to the school. It’s his first year here and he doesn’t really know anyone here. There was a school dance coming up in a couple of weeks and he ...more

Field trips by sabrina campos

Today’s assaignment is to chose a topic to write as an article for Graphic Design. For my topic I chose “Field Trips”. Field trips are very educational. Depending on what subject the class is the ...more

Six Flags by Javier Torres 8th grade

I am looking forward to going to Six Flags, and what I am going to do over there. Im going to try to get on all of the rides. I'm probably going to get sleepy because we are going to be there during ...more

My Chess Tournament by Aiden Rodriguez

In the first semester I decided to join the Chess Club because I love playing chess and it is a good game. When I play chess I play carefully and I always try to win the match by moving four chess ...more

A Flower Fantasy For All, by Peter Aguirre, 6th Grade

Ms. Hultman and Ms. Mayer recently took a group of students to the Huntington Library and Gardens in San Marino near Pasadena. The Huntington is a huge place. Some of the things I found most ...more

Graphic Design by Jalen Vargas

In Graphic Design we learned a lot of stuff. I also made some new friends in this class. Some things we learned in Graohic Design are how to use Photoshop , Illustrator ,and InDesign. I am really ...more

Relay race in pe by christy lucero

In PE we did a relay race in Ms. Dunn’s PE class. We all split up in teams of 4. In most groups it was girls together and boys together in a team. There was only some co-ed teams. We raced ...more

How i survived ms. lee's science by chanel verzo

This year was my first year here at Irving. It was pretty good, except I struggled in Science. You see, I have Ms. Lee for Science, and I think most people know how Ms Lee’s class is very ...more

My hot air balloon project by roselyn estrada

This project was in Mr. Somayoa’s class. My team and I began by cutting some thin paper and gluing the edges. When we were done gluing, we put everything together. We put it under hot air so it ...more

Sports by Jamielyn Diaz

This year has been a great year, but the thing that made it better or should I say the best was LACER SPORTS. Whenever I’ve been having a bad day, going to sports has made my day better. I don’t ...more

Year Book by Pamela Estrada 8th grade

This year I had the great opportunity to work on the yearbook. It was one of the greatest joys for me this school year. I was very nervous about working on the yearbook. I thought that I wouldn’t ...more

Irving's 5 P's by elmer esqueda

The 5 P’s (5 Power Paw Expectations) are rules we follow at Irving. Being prompt is one of them. Prompt means to use the restroom during nutrition and lunch - not during class or passing periods. ...more

Graphic Design by Jade Rosales

In Irving Middle School, Graphic design is an art elective where you use computers to create digital art. In this elective, you learn to use programs like Photoshop, Adobe Illustrate and InDesign. ...more

How It Works: Magnet System Program by Kyra Godoy, 8th Grade

After coming to this school, I realized many people don’t know how the magnet program works to defeat racial isolation and alienation. If you live close to Irving, then you don’t have to worry ...more

Shoe Stew by Ryan Arboleda

It was a couple days before school got out before Winter Break and it was raining. This was one of the first times it was raining in P.E. and the teachers took that time to teach us a new ...more

Rainy Day On Strike by Adriano Proenza

During the teacher strike, my mom, my little sister and I went to Irving (and my old school) to help support the teachers on strike. It was fun because there was food and little horns. I thought ...more

The Day Before Christmas Break by Chester Bier

I don’t remember the exact date but it was the end of a Friday. The only reason this Friday was important was because it was the last day of school before winter break. The begining half of the ...more

Our Trip to the Huntington Gardens By Kerry Carlson

Jack, Millan, Aidan and I were starving as we walked to the bus that our lunches were in. We looked around expecting a big yellow veicle but there was nothing. “Was the bus driver coming?” we ...more

Robotics Car Race By Victor Soria

This is paragraph is about how my partner and I won the robotics car race in our class. We had to build a race car with our robotics tools and materials. It took us about a week and a half to ...more

After School Clubs by Isaiah Payan

Today I will be talking about the After School Programs. These programs involve sports and activities. The sport that I go to is soccer. That is also my favorite sport and I am looking forward to ...more

Dance fever By Alexa Amaya

Irving has a dance team that goes to compete at other schools and different places. This year, I had the privilege to be apart of this amazing experience. We not only competed at other schools in

Olvera Street by Alexia Marquez

When I went to Olvera Street, I did not really expect much. When we got there,my friends and I had to write a summary about each place we went to go visit. After that, my friends and I went to ...more