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Thanksgiving with My Leadership Family, by Maria Campuzano

In my leadership class we did a potluck and we all had to bring a dish. It was like a little thanksgiving thing. Before we all sat down to eat we all went around the room and said one thing we were ...more

The Circuit, by Caroline Nicho, 7th Grade

Something that was meaningful to me was reading The Circuit by Francisco Jimenez. We read this book in Ms. McCaskey’s class. The Circuit is an autobiographical book. It’s based on the journey from ...more

Dancing, by Angel Martinez, 8th Grade

In all of my experiences at this school the most challenging was dancing in front of the school because I have a big fear of being on stage all alone. I had to remember that I love dancing and I am ...more

The Maya, by Elena Rhea, 7th Grade

Something that I really enjoyed was learning about the Mayas. I found them really interesting, and their culture was cool to learn about. Their religion was, in my opinion, the most intriguing. I ...more

Science Class, by Delia Avalos, 7th Grade

My favorite class is science because Mr. Perez assigns good projects and we never get bored, My favorite project was to build a bridge to check how much weight could be resisted. My friend Belen ...more

Robotics Challenge, by Christopher Aleman, 7th Grade

It was toward the beginning of the year, Mr. Valdez had asked us to make a drag racer. The ideal drag racer had an equal balance between torque and speed, the idea was to make the fastest drag racer ...more

The Walk Out, by Shanjita Paul, 7th Grade

Something that I experienced this year at Irving is the Walk Out. The Walk Out was a protest to have fewer guns and to keep people safe. The Walk Out was very meaningful to me because it made me feel ...more

Break an Egg in Math, by Marcella Quintanar, 7th Grade

A really fun time at Irving was in math class. In Ms. McClean’s class we did a mathematical egg experiment. We were given three eggs. We measured things like the egg’s radius, circumference, and ...more

Mr. Lewallen's Class, by Emmanuel Diaz, 8th Grade

Today in Mr.Lewallen’s class my friend brought a Cat in the Hat book about dinosaurs. We were looking through the pages of the book and found a picture of the catinthehatasaurus. We showed the image ...more

Ms. McArdle, by Jasmine Cervantes, 7th Grade

­­­This year at Irving STEAM Magnet was a good year. At first I was really nervous but the teachers here were here to help and teach. The class that really helped me was History and English, which ...more

Extra-Curricular Activities, by Joshua Ramos, 76h Grade

This year, at Irving Magnet Middle School, one thing that affected me is that I helped my math teacher, Ms. Olvera, after school. This affected my life because it made me bond with her, and it made ...more

My Film Set Drawing, by Khye Johnson, 7th Grade

My first drawing of a room was for my film class. We had to write a scary story. So, I drew a picture of the insane asylum room for the main character. The room consisted of a file cabinet full of ...more

A Valuable Lesson, by Andrew Ponce, 8th Grade

This year I I was so behind on RCA’s (Required Course Assignments in Math). I was almost failing math and I was scared. I was so scared because I’m really looking forward for Grad Night that’s coming ...more

Film Class, by Santiago Perez, 8th Grade

One thing that was important that was school related was in Film we are learning about film history. It is important to me because I learn about different directors and their idea for making those ...more

Science, by Christopher Wilgus, 8th Grade

One thing that I especially liked learning about in 8th grade is science. One main reason why I like science is because when I get older I want to work at SpaceX or NASA. My favorite topic in Science ...more

Playing the Violin, by Nathaly Delatorre, 7th Grade

Something that I will remember about this year will be when I had my first music test in strings. I was very nervous, as I didn’t want to embarrass myself. It was my turn when I really got nervous. I ...more

Working on My Grades, by Layza Minera, 8th Grade

My grades were good at the beginning of the school year but, now I’m really trying to get my grades up, I have been turning in my class assignments. I do truly want to culminate but towards the end ...more

Mr. Nguyen's Math Class, by Edgar Cruz, 8th Grade

As you know math is the best part of me. I’m really good at math and since I’m good at it, I help some of my classmates. My teacher, Mr, Nguyen, is very supportive of all the students and treats the ...more

Yearbook in Graphic Design, by Rebecca Parra, 7th Grade

I was given the opportunity to work on the yearbook and was able to choose what pages I wanted to work on. I choose to work on the Halloween, Christmas and the opening pages of the yearbook. I drew ...more

Dance Class, by Nashaly Reyes, 7th Grade

I have done many things here at Irving this year but one thing I did enjoy very much this year was dance. Dance inspired me a lot throughout this year. First I really liked learning different types ...more

Robotics, by Ryan Reisner, 7th Grade

In my Robotics class we went to Iowa for The Create U.S. opening national completion. We played a game called In The Zone in were you had to stack cones on a thing called a Mobile Goal. We placed 40 ...more

Basketball, by Maxwell Phung, 7th Grade

The best moment during the school year was when I got to play basketball with some of the 8th graders. I hardly do because they are humongos and also I can be shy sometimes. Another reason is that ...more

The Outsiders, by Gabriel Alvarez, 7th Grader

This year my homeroom teacher Ms. Mcardle made the whole class read the novel of The Outsiders from S.E Hinton. I really liked the book as so did everyone else. Except for the part that Johnny Cade ...more

Thank you Ms. Gaines, by Louis Merrill, 8th Grade

My math class helped me to learn my 9s 8s 7s 6s 4s and 3s times times tables and division Mrs. Gaines made me learn so much in one year. Plus she showed me skills I will need like doing my ...more

Graphic Design, by Aritzy Arroyo, 7th Grade

Something that I liked learning about the most out of all my classes was graphic design. At first I thought it was hard because it’s my first year here but after a while I actually learned things ...more

Perfect Attendance, by Valeria Maldonado, 7th Grade

In all of my years of having a perfect attendance I have never gotten a reward like this. Today I was sitting in my English class and a girl came into the room. She handed my teacher a note and left, ...more

Capoeira, by Vanessa Peralta, 8th Grade

Something that I experienced this year in my dance class was the history of Capoeira. Capoeira is a story of freedom. By only dancing capoeira a lot of the slaves escaped their masters. We first read ...more

Robotics Nationals, by Victoria Rodriguez, 6th Grade

Nationals was just around the corner, time was running out for preparing. All the new comers including me were all pretty excited to go to Iowa (place held in) and, for most of us it was our first ...more

Photoshop, by Joydee Rodriguez, 7th Grade

Something I especially like learning about is Photoshop. One of the tools that really interests me is the spot healing brush tool. So far, we have used the healing brush tool to remove pimples and ...more

Math Pizza Party by Jerry Serafin, 7th Grade

In Ms. Olvera’s math class she awarded us with a pizza party for all the hard work we did and our behavior was good. She also said that we have improved a lot since the beginning of the school ...more

My Experience in the Robotics Tournament, by Evan Kluth, 7th Grade

When I went to my second robotics competition with my team 486B. Damian has just joined the team and it was his first time going to a competition. We got chosen by the second best team to be their ...more

The Dance Performance, by Pamela Estrada, 7th Grade

When school started I chose the dance elective because it seemed fun. One month into the year Ms. Dunn told us that there was going to be a dance show for all classes and that the school was able to ...more

Pizza With Mr. Z, by Una Santiago, 7th Grade

When I was going to math with Ms.McClean she sent us to Mr. Z’s class.

He told us that all the kids who got 3 or more RCA stamps would get a prize.

Me and my friends were really curios about what the ...more

The Fowler Museum, by Victoria Quiran, 7th Grade

I remembered the day I when to the Fowler Museum when my friends. My friends and I made a collage for the first time. We grabbed different kinds of fabric and glued them on the paper and we also ...more

Yearbook by Nina Monahan, 8th Grade

During my 8th grade year my friends Jazmine, Maria, Jesenya and I were working on the yearbook we did the section Superlatives, for the superlatives were had make ballots and than we counted up the ...more

Joining Dance, by Britney Thinsuwan, 8th Grade

Dance is one of my electives that a thoroughly enjoy. I found it very energetic, fun, and informational. You get a chance to create your own dances and use your own dance styles to make a movement ...more

Making Rocket Fuel in Flight and Space, by Ryan Perez, 6th Grade

My favorite class is Flight and Space. I like this class because recently we did a rocket fuel test. I liked this because it was my first time doing it. At the beginning we put vinegar and baking ...more

Making My Family Proud, by Elijah Ayala

So one day my mom saw my report card and I had a D n English). She was really mad at me because I told her I was going to get good grades. It really hit me hard because she said she was disappointed ...more

My Science Experiment, By Kaliah Godoy, 8th Grade

In my science class we were assigned to come up with a question, which would be our science project. I had many ideas in mind. On the day that the question was due, I was absent. On Monday, I was ...more

School Dance, by Jesenya Galvan, 8th Grade

When I first started my English class. I was doing all my work in the beginning of the year I was doing my work and had an A. Then as the year went by I wasn’t doing my work or projects. I just ...more

Test Scores Are Here, by Johnny Soto, 8th Grade

One ­thing that I’m proud of from earlier this year is how I scored on a math test. I’m particularly proud of how I did because I did way better on the test than I thought I would. The entire week ...more

Drama, by Ava Dougherty, 6th Grade

One memorable moment in this school year was making my own play. I had to act in front of most of the school and my mom. Mr. Perez made the script and gave it to me so I could change it and make it ...more

Dodger Game, by Christian Gallarzo, 8th Grade

One of my best moments this year was going to the Dodgers game with my friends. Even though the Dodgers lost, it was still really fun. We were screaming, laughing and just all around having a good ...more

The Greek Theater, by Sofia Trejo, 8th Grade

The Greek Theater

A particularly meaningful event for me this year was going to the Greek Theater with the Irving orchestra. I’m going to hang on to that experience for as long as humanely possible, ...more

RCA's, by Gabriela Garcia, 8th grade

Something that was really challenging to me was getting my RCA’s done. I was doing well in all my other classes but math. I had to get good grades in all my classes to culminate and to ...more

Yearbook, by Claudia Marquina, 8th Grade

Something that I found interesting this year would be doing the Irving yearbook. Doing the Irving yearbook was very challenging for my partner and me, it was challenging for both of us because we had ...more

The Winter Variety Show, by Mark Escandon, 8th Grade

One thing that I did this year was play Mac's winter concert. This was something I was proud of when I finished the performance. This was an accomplishment because we had been practicing for months ...more

Yearbook, by Jessica Farias, 8th Grade

Something outstanding that happened to me this year was being part of the yearbook. Being a part of the yearbook was good opportunity because I really enjoy putting stuff together and being creative ...more

Photoshop, by Melvin Reyes, 7th Grade

A classroom activity that I really enjoyed was when we learned how to make people look skinny, take off pimples from people, and wrinkles. The first project of these we did as making people skinny ...more

Making My Dream Come True, by Arabella Rodriguez, 7th Grade

Ever since I was young all I wanted to do was help people and this year I got to help people smile. Thanks to Ms. Mcardle I got to plan fellow students’ birthday celebrations and it contributes to ...more

I Can Be Artistic! by Celia Valle, 7th Grade

Ever since I was little art was never my greatest strength. I was very weak when it came to art and I was

very “whatever.” When I took Ms Nariman’s graphic design class I learned how to create art ...more

The Day We Made Santa Out of Shapes, by Raymond Almario, 7th Grade

The time we made Santa with shapes was really cool because I’d never know how to make objects out of shapes if I never went to Graphic Design. Graphic Design has taught me so many things like ...more

Graphic Arts, by Chloe Barahona, 7th Grade

Something that I experienced this year was that in graphic design we learned how to photoshop clip arts and people. We learned how to make people look skinny and look younger.We also learned how to

Ancient Americas by Shawn Malik, 7th Grade

In Ms.McCaskey’s class we finished studying the ancient Americas, which include the Incas, Mayans, and the most notable in my opinion was the Aztecs. I liked the ancient Americas because I found it ...more

Building Robots, by Brian Bernal, 7th Grade

This year at Irving Magnet STEAM Magnet Middle School, I built many different types of robots in robotics. I also learned to make music on the robotics computer. This was very exiting because I ...more

Drama Class, by Kristin Flores, 6th Grade

The time I was in my drama elective and we were planning the show was my hardest time in school. I wanted to be a part of it, but I had a struggle keeping my grades up, but I had one thing that ...more

Flight and Space is My Favorite Class, by Elmer Esqueda, 6th Grade

My most interesting class is design and modeling because I helped Ms.Mancia with making gliders for fellow students and helping them cut the glider pieces.

I helped my friends because they barely ...more

Graphic Design, by Vivian Rivera, 8th Grade

One experience at Irving Middle School that I enjoyed and found most challenging was graphic design. What I liked most about graphic design was that I got to learn more about what I can do on a ...more

Film and WWII, by Erwyn Zacamitzin, 8th Grade

Thing’s I’ve done that’s important by school related is, film we’re working on film history and this helps me out on my History topic WW2. But in English class, we are working on a worldwide event ...more

Dance, by Samuel Avila, 8th Grade

This year in Irving Magnet School one of my best moments here was when the dance show occurred. It was at the end of the February. I remember how much we had practiced and how prepared we felt, but ...more

Yearbook Superlatives, by Jasmine Sanchez, 8th Grade

One of my most memorable moments this 8th grade year has to be working on yearbook with Jesenya, Nina, and Maria. We worked on our section for almost 2 to 3 months. It took us lots of hard work and ...more

Finding Slope, by Dillon Chan, 7th Grade

What I found particularly interesting is finding the slope in math. There are three ways to find slope. One formula you can use to find slope is count the spaces from going up then count the spaces ...more

RC Cars, by Adrian Alvarado, 7th Grade

In RC class we learned about marketing, saving money, and learning how to fix RC cars. Everyone in the class knows how to change tires, change batteries, and fix the RC cars. One time we had a race ...more

Balloon Car and My Science Project, by Jason Diaz, 7th Grade

In Mrs. Lee’s class we were assigned a science project. We had to research something that involves science. I made a balloon-powered car. We had to make an investigation question, my question was ...more

The Outsiders, by Brianna Esqueda, 7th Grade

In Ms. MCardle's English class, we read a book called The Outsiders. It was a pretty good book. When we finished reading the book we wrote an essay and watched the movie. I liked the book better ...more

Ms. Duong's Math Class, by Dimitri Martinez, 7th Grade

Math class had to be my favorite class because of all the things I learned this year. Math is used in everyone’s life everyday so knowing it is very useful. In my math class we learned how to ...more

Thank you Ms. Garza, by Georgina Cabral, 7th Grade

This year in my English and History class, I learned a lot of information that I did not know before and that will help me in the future. In my English class we are reading a book called “Monster”. ...more

The Sioux, by Roc Eells, 8th Grade

The Sioux

One thing that I found very interesting in this school year is learning about the Sioux Native Americans in Ms. Acosta’s history class. We learned that the history books we ...more

Going to Washington D.C., by Julian Rios, 8th Grade

One activity that I really enjoyed with Irving was going on the Washington D.C trip. It was an interesting and exciting trip. We practically saw all the monuments and some museums. One of my ...more

My Science Fair Project, by Diego Paulin, 7th Grade

Ever since I was a kid I loved superheroes. It was all that I could think about. Because of this I was never really into school. Of course I loved hanging around my friends but other than that there ...more

Flight and Space by Valery Rodriquez, 6th Grade

A memorable moment for me that happened at Irving is the time when I had a project in Flight and Space. We had to build a kite on our own with a partner and I thought that I wasn’t going to do it ...more

Dance Performance, by Christine Rodriguez, 8th Grade

A moment I enjoyed is when we did the first dance show, since this was my first time in dance this year. Last year I was not really confident enough to join the class but this year I did and I was ...more

Graphic Design, by Mindy Chan, 8th Grade

I have done many things this year at Irving Middle School, but one thing that I liked the most was everything that I learned thing in graphic design. In graphic design I learned so many things that I ...more

Film Editing, by Justin Paredes, 7th Grade

I had an honor directing and editing a film for my film class. I felt very nervous about it at first, but when I thought about it more, this was an opportunity to show what I can do. I got some help ...more

Flight and Space, by Emily Morales, 8th Grade

One of my favorite electives in Irving is flight and space. In that class we are currently working on a foldable about the cosmos. And we are starting to learn about rockets. We already did a project ...more

Working on the Yearbook, by Lorien Valcarce, 7th Grade

One of my favorite things that I have done this year in an Irving classroom is work on the yearbook. I made the Art And Film page with my friend Elena. I really like how it turned out. Using the ...more

Vex Robotics World Championship, by Noa Magallon, 8th Grade

The most challenging thing for me this year was the Vex Robotics World Championship. It required total focus and will power to be able to even attend a match ready. Every minute was spent either ...more

Presenting My Project, by Elias Montes, 6th Grade

What really made me feel good this year was when I presented my semester project. In Ms. Ziegler’s class, we had to make a model of an Ancient Greek temple, and I chose to make my model in Minecraft. ...more

Art Class, by Andrew Gomez, 8th Grade

One project I liked doing was in art class. We had to write our initial’s and do designs in them. I put my full name on the first letter. On the second letter I put the things I liked like the Laker’s ...more

The Solar Eclipse, by Gabriel Medina, 8th Grade

I liked math class this year with Mr. Nguyen because he is nice and he gives us free time when we finish our work. I will miss talking to my friends during free time when some of us go to different ...more

Memorable Moments, by Mikayla Cabral, 8th Grade

One of my favorite things that I’ve done this year in an Irving classroom is work on the yearbook. This was one of my favorite times during 8th grade. It was really cool knowing that a page that my ...more

A Fun Class, by Vidalia Diaz, 6th Grade

In Design And Model / Flight And Space our teacher Ms.Mancia helps us with our work, in the first semester we have Design And Model. The second semester is called Flight And Space. In this class I ...more

Going To D.C. by Katrina Solis, 8th Grade

One memorable moment that I had was going to Washington D.C. It was fun going to another place for once. Especially because that was my first time on an airplane! When we finally got to D.C we were ...more

Making Fat People Look Skinny, Alan De Luna, 7th Grade

It started with a simple urge, wanting to know how it actually worked. Then it started with the quick selection tool and absorbing the fat with the pucker tool. We started easy with Gabriel Iglesias, ...more

Capture the Flag in PE, by Rolan Duclayna, 7th Grade

In PE, we tend to do the same thing over and over again, which is running and writing. And I just wanted something different. So one day, the PE teacher, Mr. Wurm, decided we should play Capture the ...more

English and History by Sol Aguilar, 6th Grade

In my English and History class we have done lots of fun projects. One of the cool projects we did was interviewing a family member and writing a biography on them. I chose my grandma and when ...more

Beginning Band, by Carlos Ortega

On the first of school I was very exited about beginning band. When I first got to play an instrument I wanted to play with the instrument all day and at my house. I got to learn so many things at ...more

Bringing Up My Grades, by Larissa Moreno, 8th Grade

At the beginning of the year my grades we’re 50/50 of good and bad. I tried to catch up with my classwork and homework but when I tried it was too late into 1st semester so I told myself I was going ...more

Geometric Shapes, by Alan Wilson, 7th Grade

I think one of the most exiting things I have done in school this year was in graphic design when we were supposed to do a geometric shape drawing and customize it later when we were closer to ...more

We Never Thought, by Stacey Montoya, 7th Grade

Imagine, create, and start. You never really know what will happen next. You start off with trust that was later on meant to be lost. Or your start off lost but later to be found. Over a course of ...more

Math Class, by Eric Pedraza, 7th Grade

In my math class I did not have a good grade, so what I did was all my RCAs that I was missing to get my grade up. Everyday I would turn in al least 3 RCAs to get a better grade. When my math teacher ...more

Breaking My Own Record, by Andy Cuellar, 8th Grade

During my final mile run that counted as my final mile run time in P.E., I was able to beat the times that I had in 6th and 7th grade that I had. I put in a lot of effort and hard work to keep ...more

Dance Competition, by Anh Nguyen, 7th Grade

One thing I experienced this year was going to the dance competition in Las Vegas! I went with Ms. Dunn and two others. Everyone else went with their parents. Most of us stayed at the Luxor hotel. ...more

Making Music, by Anthony Aleman, 7th Grade

The most memorable classroom moment of the year was when I was learning how to make music in Robotics and I enjoyed that because I listen to music a lot and I’ve always been interested in how people ...more

Field Trip, by Isaac Baranco, 7th Grade

During my first year here at Irving, I loved the time I went on the field trip to the Rose Gardens at the Science Center. Before we arrived at the Rose Gardens I was feeling stressed about things in ...more

Dance, by Isabel Ayala, 8th Grade

Something interesting that I learned this year was in my dance class. I learned about different dances and the history behind them. For example, there is salsa. Salsa is a distillation of many Latin ...more

Graphic Design, by Ana Escandon, 7th Grade

Graphic Design is a class that I truly like. The reason for this is that we are able to see what inspires people through the work that they do. I also like graphic design due to a similar reason ...more

Pizza and Math, by Guadalupe Aragon, 7th Grade

In Math Ms. Olvera bought us pizza because we improved from the beginning when we had our class. She said “we earned it” and I think we did earn it. It made me feel good when she said that everyone ...more

Graphic Design, by Ray Hunter, 7th Grade

The thing I like learning about is graphic design. For me it is the most interesting class in this school. I like how we the student can make cool and funny stuff on the mac computers. My favorite ...more

The Dodger Game, by Zoe Staig, 6th Grade

Every one was so excited to be going to the Dodger game. We were going to be getting Dodger t-shirts! When we got our shirts on we got in the coolest bus ever! It had blue overhead lights a charging ...more

From a D to an A, by Gabriel Sebastian, 7th Grade

One thing that made me proud this year was I raising my grade for math. I had a D and came to tutoring and started to do RCA’s for about 2 months. And now I have an A. My math teacher is so proud of ...more

The First Time We Danced by Emily Espana, 7th Grade

­­­­­­­ This year was my first year at Irving STEAM Magnet as a seventh grader. I made so many memories this year but one of my favorites was in dance class. This was one of the first days of dance ...more

PE is My Favorite Class, by Jairo Arias, 7th Grade

In PE you learn what is the average weight for you. Its fun in PE because its easy because you only need to run and write. The reason Bryan, Jean, and I play is because we always finish our work. Physical Education is very fun when you do the work anyway. My favorite class in this school is PE because you can play outside when you finish your work.

Car Class, by Akira Nakamura, 7th Grade

I found my race challenge class interesting. I have race challenge class for period 1 with Mr. Perez. Race Challenge is remote controlled car class. We learn how to drive, use, and fix our cars. We ...more

Learning About Roman Government, by Gabriella Fernandez, 6th Grade

In Ms. Ziegler’s Class I have been learning about Ancient Rome. She has been teaching the class about the government of Ancient Rome. She explained to the class how the Roman government had many ...more

Teacher Appreciation Assignment by Javier Tiorres, 7th Grade

In Ms. Mcardle’s class on teacher appreciation day we wrote letters to our favorite teacher to show them that we appreciate them. I wrote it to my 6th grade teacher from elementary school his name is ...more

The First Day of School by Jose Recendez, 7th Grade

It was a sunny summer day; the first day I went to Irving was different and tricky. It was different because I wasn’t used to switching classes every hour and 30 minutes. It was tricky because the ...more

RC Cars, by Jamielyn Diaz, 7th Grade

This school year has been great because I made the most memorable moments in this school. One memorable thing that has happened to me during this school year was the first time I drove an R.C car. ...more

RC Competition, by Walem Villatoro, 8th Grade

I have RC for 8th period and Mr. Perez asked me to go to the first RC tournament they had. It was an exciting first experience. There were multiple high schools there. We had to put a computer chip ...more

A Graphic Design Project by Perla Real, 7th Grade

In Graphic Design we are always doing new projects or learning something new that is fun and interesting. We did one project that I really liked, the project was like a foursquare portraits of people ...more

Going From an F to an A, by Natalie Tello, 7th Grade

When I first started my English class. I was doing all my work in the beginning of the year I was doing my work and had an A. Then as the year went by I wasn’t doing my work or projects. I just ...more

Math Class, by Dylan Hang, 8th Grade

In math class, we had a game the whole class participated in. It was jeopardy but the questions where based on math. We were placed in random groups of 4 people and we wrote our answers on small ...more

The Winter Show, by Abraham Chavez, 8th Grade

In the beginning of the year I would dread band. I thought that it wasn’t as exciting or fun as my other classes. Every day we would be rehearsing for the winter show. I didn’t want to perform in ...more

Graphic Design, by Io Lim, 6th Grade

There are many things that I have learned in Irving Middle School, but I have most enjoyed the learning material in Ms. Nariman’s graphic design class. In my graphic design class, Ms. Nariman would ...more

Pythagorean Theorem, by Josh Penojas, 8th Grade

Something I liked especially liked learning about was the Pythagorean Theorem in math class. I found it interesting because it was my first introduction to theorems in general. The way they can teach ...more

Greek Theater with Marshall High, by Adrian Mendez, 8th Grade

Something memorable that has happened this year was going to the Greek theater to perform with Marshall High School orchestra. We left the school right after lunch to get our stuff and get dressed. ...more

My English Grade, by Angel De La Cruz, 8th Grade

One thing I especially remember is getting my English grade up from an F to a B. I remember telling myself everyday to keep on trying and I will get a good grade. I remember turning in all my reading ...more

Graphic Art, by Frank Downer, 7th Grade

In many ways, my graphic art heavily influenced me. While I had used Photoshop before, graphic art exposed me to it’s possibilities and ease of use, inspiring me to purchase Photoshop CC, more ...more

The Dodger Game, by Nalia De Leon, 7th Grade

This year we went to a Dodger game and I surprisingly learned a lot from it. There were these 6th graders sitting in the row closest to the balcony and they kept on throwing food and wrappers on to ...more

Leadership, by Alejandro Herrera, 7th Grade

This year has been one of my favorites years because of my 1st year being in Leadership. My experience in this class is amazing. The reason I really enjoy this class is because we get to plan school ...more

The First Day of School, by Sofia Vera

It was the first day of school I was so nervous; I thought that I was going to fail every single class. The first time I went in Miss Ziegler’s class I was so embarrassed everyone was looking at me.

Graphic Design, by Mathew Johnson, 8th Grade

In graphic design we learned a lot of things. I really like graphic design and the things we do. I’ve been in graphic design for three years and I’ve even gotten to work on the yearbook. My favorite ...more

Ms Olvera's Pizza Party, by Kaylan Silva, 7th Grade

Ms. Olvera’s pizza party was fun. She let some of us get two slices of pizza, but she said we had to earn the pizza slices So the people who had a grade from an A-C got two pizza slices. She also let ...more

Australian Inspired Art, by Katie Kea, 7th Grade

Today I drew a ram cave! It was more of a tree instead of a dark damp cave. It was full of cute little rams! We were supposed to make a type of art piece. It was influenced by Australia’s natural ...more

New Things to Learn, by Christopher De Los Santos, 7th Grade

Being at Irving has given me some good moments. Irving has showed many things. Ms. Nariman has taught me to do Photoshop. Before I didn’t know a think about Photoshop, but Ms. Nariman was kind of ...more

My First School Dance, by Jenevieve De Leon, 7th Grade

My first school dance was the Halloween Dance. I was kind of uncomfortable at first and I didn’t know what to do. But then after a while I got some of my friends we started dancing and then all that ...more

Robotics, by Nicholas Evaristo, 7th Grade

Something that was meaningful to me this school year was joining the Robotics team. Since I was little, I always thought robots and engineering was a cool thing. When I found out about the school and ...more

Survival of the Fittest, by Joseph Gonzalez, 8th Grade

In my second period science class we watched a documentary about nature. Learning about animals and how they survived was very interesting. What surprises me is that we used to be like them as ...more

Graphic Design, by Byan Marin, 7th Grade

My first few weeks of days of Graphic Design was fun because I learned of how to use Adobe Photoshop and many ways to create a drawing and printing it out. I learned many things because of my hard ...more

Learning About Dance, by Devina Renteria, 6th Grade

There are many things that I learned in Irving Middle School, but I have most enjoyed Dance. I enjoyed dance the most because it is fun and very interesting. Ms.Dunn taught us how to do lots of ...more

Photo Editing, by Aleena Salas, 7th Grade

Some of my classes are interesting but the one I found most interesting was Graphic Design. Graphic Design is kind of hard but I think I got the hang of it. I have a lot of fun in this class. I love ...more