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The 5 P Poster Contest, by Logan Garcia, Ezekiel Cruz, and Elmer Esqueda

There is an exciting new poster competition underway! This poster contest will be held for fun and a prize. This contest is held by Ms. Acosta in room 408. To enter you need to make a poster of the ...more

The Sierra Club by Chester Bier, 7th Grade

You may not like to hike but for those of you who do the Sierra Hiking Club is perfect for you. It has all you need, from camping trips on Catalina Island to short, day hikes in Griffith Park. ...more

The New Spanish Program at Irving, by Milan Greil, 7th Grade

The Dual Language program at Irving is for kids to be introduced to the Spanish language. All children at this school in 6th grade this year will be taught Spanish through the Spanish elective. So ...more

Our New Math Teacher, by Bresies Ornelas, Jacky Avalos and Jasmin Perales

With no hesitation, many couldn’t deny that the Irving math program is one of the best in the LAUSD district. We pride ourselves with students passing it with flying colors. We uphold high ...more

RC Championnship Racing, by Jack Dore and Luca Broggi, 7th Grade

Irving has many things to be proud of, as many students and teachers have worked so hard to make it so. From an internationally ranked robotics team, to a three time champion dance crew, we've got ...more

The Library and Our New Librarian by Alex Arciaga, Erick Bravo and Max Velasquez

Did you know that the library is open now! Our new librarian is Ms. Miller and she is is open before school and during nutrition and lunch. Ms. Miller is also going to be teaching classes soon and ...more

Ballet by Itzel Villa and Christy Lucero

Before Ms. Solis became a ballet teacher she was a science teacher. After the year was done, she decided she wanted to be a dance/ballet teacher. She is now teaching some choreography for the show ...more

Advanced Band, by Emma Fairbrother, 7th Grade

There are only 2 members from the old Advanced Band team, they both play the flute and one of them is me Emma Ann Fairbrother. I was the youngest Advanced Band member last year and I definitely ...more

Tools for Peace, by Robert Chinchilla

Tools for peace is a summer camp where administrators take you to stay in a designated area for a week. It also has an afterschool program at L.A.C.E.R. Their program can help people to learn ...more

Ms. Ziegler, by Jimena Martinez, Vanessa De Leon, and Emily Calzada

You might think you now Mrs. Ziegler but do you know her Back Story...?


It all started in New York at Colgate University. Her minor was in Latin American Studies. ...more

Our New PE Teacher, by Yamilett Renteria

Who is Mr. Alarcon? Mr. Alarcon’s first teaching job was in Watts, where he was a Physical Education teacher. He likes Physical Education because he believes that P.E can allow you to learn ...more

Coding by Jorge Cabral, Victor Soria, and Elvis Velasquez

Coding is a good and fun elective for many reasons. Many kids picked this elective because they like to code. They also chose it because they have the ability to use technology. For example, you ...more

Ms. Solis, by Isabella Contreras and Valery Rodriguez

Did you know Ms. Solis is not only a science teacher?. She is also a ballet teacher! Ms. Solis actually only started teaching ballet this year. Solis is still new to this school she’s only been ...more