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Washington D.C. 2017

Flight & Itinerary - Coming soon

Within the next month flight information will be confirmed.  Trip dates are: June 13 to the 17th!  Families will be contacted as soon as there are more details.

Memorial Bridge

Customer Service - Payment Plan

Our Final Payment Deadline is March 30, 2017.  All funds must be in at this time to avoid additional late fees and to make sure we can secure everyone's spot on the plane, appointments, and at meals.


If you are experiencing difficulty making payments, contact WorldStrides Customer Service at 800.468.5899 to ask about the Extended Payment Plan - there are generous plans that will allow your child to travel. If you have not made any payments or are waiting for your tax return to pay your account, you must let WorldStrides know or they will automatically cancel your account due to non-payment.

  • Trip Dates: June 13-June 17, 2017
  • Trip ID: 132769

Try crowd sourcing; many colleagues, friends, extended family are willing to put a little bit in the pot toward this experience for your child.

  • Use the Gift of Education link to create a direct donation site for your child.  You can send this link via, email, e-card, Facebook, social media, etc. so your friends and family can help sponsor this life changing trip.

At the parent meeting we showed an introduction video from WorldStrides, which you can view here in English or in Spanish.

Do you know the code?


Donate Now to 2017 Washington D.C. Trip

I am excited to share some fantastic news with you!

Dear Donor,


Students at my school are traveling on an exciting trip to Washington, D.C., with WorldStrides. Our history lessons will come to life as we walk in the footsteps of influential past and present leaders and learn about the events that shaped our nation. This is a wonderful opportunity to go on this educational travel program with the culminating class of 2017.  We are requesting contributions to make this trip possible. I hope you will consider sponsoring this travel adventure.

It's easy to make a donation online!

  • Go to the WorldStrides website!
  • Enter my Account Number:  103146626
  • Enter my last name:   McClean

That's all it takes for your financial contribution to be credited towards our trip! Thank you very much for your consideration.


Diana McClean 

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 1.52.06 PM.png
Students, Create your own e-cards, letters, shareable Facebook / social media links to fund your trip to Washington D.C.  Check out this highly effective fundraising tool at  100% of donations received goes directly to fund your trip!

Check your MyTrip account

Here is a quick link to your MyTrip account on the WorldStrides website.

Full Refund Program

You are encouraged to sign up for the full refund program.  This is an additional cost, however, it protects your investment.  Life happens.  As much as we want every student to travel on their planned trip, unexpected difficulties can pop up that can make it necessary to change your plans.  Add trip protection when you register for your child's trip, and you'll get a full refund of all funds you've paid to WorldStrides.*  This is optional, but we strongly recommend you elect this coverage.  It'll give you peace of mind.


*Less and non-refundable deposit, fees, and the Full Refund Program Cost.

Your Trip Chaperones

Diana Tino.jpg

Ms. McClean and Mr. Elicegui

Want your profile on the Fund a Traveler Page?

Fill out this google form to be profiled on the sponsor a traveler page.  You can then share the school website with people you think will help fund your travel account.

Doughnut Fundraiser Success

Doughnuts ON SALE now.  Preorder your Krispy Kreme for Friday here. $12/dozen Doughnuts available each Friday before school at any of the drop locations.  If your donuts are not picked up before school they will be sold to students during nutrition.

Thank you Krispy Kreme - the February fundraiser was a huge (90 dozen doughnut success)!  March was equally fantastic (70 dozen)!


TeeSpring Fundraising

If you have an idea for a TeeSpring campaign and want to me share your shirt design on the school website let me know!

Every bit helps!


Dusk at U.S. Capitol,_Washington,_D.C..jpg

Washington D.C. Prezi

Click here to see the Washington D.C. informational presentation.

Earn High School Credit - FREE

How it works…

  1. Sign up for your trip.
  2. Travel on your WorldStrides adventure.
  3. Complete your coursework online.
  4. Receive your transcript!

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 2.02.58 PM.png

Discovery for Credit is a fun way to reflect on your experience and learning during the travel program.  And, getting starting is easy!

Students register for Discovery for Credit online through their student MyTrip account.  You can register before, during, or even after you travel.  Students traveling on a non-science based international program,

please call 800-468-5899 or email  for academic credit information.


Once you are registered, you can select the course(s) that are of most interest to you—and most relevant to your particular travel program.


After you travel, you’ll work at your own pace within your six-month window to complete all online coursework.  Our instructors will provide feedback on your work as you go.  You’ll engage in activities that offer options for video responses, opportunities to use photos from your experience, and that invite you to participate in discussion with your peers.


Once you’ve completed both the travel program and the online portion successfully, you’ll receive an official transcript from WorldStrides or our university level partner.


Your official transcript will be sent directly to your home address and you can choose how you’ll use it.  Transcripts stand and may be submitted alongside your traditional high school transcript as a form of distinction in your academic profile during the college/university application process.


You may also present your transcript to your high school registrar for consideration toward inclusion on your high school transcript.  Acceptance is always determined at the discretion of the receiving institution.  You can contact the Worldstrides Curriculum and Academics Team for supporting documents via