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A New Life In America by Alexandra Estanislao, 6th Grade

My best friend and I enjoyed our 7 years of friendship. Back in the Philippines we attended the same school. Ever since I met her she has been my only friend that I can rely on. We made a promise that we will be best friends forever. I trust her with my whole heart and so does she. One dayI heard that me and my family will be leaving the country and living here in Los Angeles. I immediately imagined what school would be like without my best friend. When I told her that I will be leaving the country to start a life in America she suddenly hugged me very tight and told me not to forget her and to be safe always. We continue to chat and video call online. We stayed connected to each other even if we’re far from each other. I am hoping that one day we will meet again.


Behind the Scenes of Dance by Faith Costello, 7th Grade

My friends and I enjoy hanging out with each other. We talk about dance and things we want to do over the summer. In dance most of my friends are 8th graders, so it’s hard to talk to them durning school, but after school all we do is talk and laugh about some of the dance moves we have to do. Ms. Dunn invites some of her high school kids to come and practice with us and we’ve all became great friends after practicing for hours and hours. Dance festivals`     are fun to attend. On the bus we play music on our phones and sing along with it. Ms.Dunn thinks that we’re all crazy and filled with too much energy, but when we perform she questions us about not havig enough energy. Almost every Friday, Ms.Dunn takes a dance class outside of Irving, she invites us to come to explore new kinds of dance styles and different types of teaching. We take her car from Irving to the dance studio but the best part is the drive. We stop off at Starbucks coffee and buy drinks and once we get the drinks we turn up the music and sing to at top of our lungs. I’m so glad I have friends like I do and a great dance teacher that is so involved in our lives. 

Handball Gods by Angel Olmos, 8th Grade

Things i do with my friend Anthony the huevo god is play handball to practice and to get good in the sport.   People might laugh at us  because they think we stink but we are going to be the best ones in the world and beat even the best players.  by the way, anthony the huevo god got his name because tommy called him that and it stayed like that.   we also call him huevo head because of his head that looks like a huevo.  When we have tournaments and when huevo god and i are on a team We win all of our games.  We like to fool around a lot in the games but we still end up winning them all.

The Separation by Kaiya Dale, 8th Grade

My best friend is upset with me because I’m moving to another state and he isn’t happy. He also feels that when I see him again the bond beetween us will be broken. I’m afraid that we will forget each other. In the end I know he will always be in my heart.

Teamwork by Josue Ortiz, 8th Grade

Sometimes in life when you have friends you need teamwork. There was one time when my friends and I used teamwork. It was 7th period and I had P.E and the class was playing Capture the Flag. My friends Carlo and DJ were on the same team and our plan was to use teamwork in order to win. We each were assigned a position to play and at first we were losing because there wasn’t any communication. But towards the end me, Carlo, and DJ teamed up to take the ball and score many points and our team ended up winning. My friends and I were so happy and we also had a great time!


Me and My Bestie by India Wheeler, 8th Grade

My best friend and I like to sing, dance, and we talk to each other about everthing and anything. We make funny snaps together. We sing with along to songs with each other and we even remix the songs.  Our first bump in the road was small but at the time it seemed really big. We didn’t talk for days and every time we saw each other it was pretty akward, espically since we took the same bus. We got over it in a week.

Braving the Boomerang by Diego Cisneros, 8th Grade

One time me and my best friend Jeff Garcia went to Knott’s Berry Farm.  It was on a Saturday in the afternoon we found parking close the the park and we walked and got soemthing to eat before we entered. We went to eat at this bakery and got some bread to eat while we walked and took pictures.  Once we got there the lines were much shorter than they should be in the afternoon.  Our first ride was the Boomerang. We were so scared and then when we got on we were dying of laughter, that was one of the best memories I had with him. We had a blast the rest of that day.

Keep in Touch With Your Friends! by Lorien Valcarce, 6th Grade

Do you have trouble keeping in touch with your friends? Maybe they go to another school or 

maybe they moved away. Can you still keep in touch with them? Of course you can! If you don’t go to the sane school, you can still visit each other! Ask your mom or dad to set up a good time and date! If you live too far apart for visiting, you could be pen-pals or you could text each other. If you just want to catch up with your friend, you could always call them on the phone! And what better time to start then now? So go ahead and write a letter to your friend! Or ask your parents if you can visit them. Text them, call them, 

whatever you decide to do, it’s all up to you! So go catch up with your friends, because there’s no time like the present!

Water Balloon Fight by Leilani Quevedo, 8th Grade

Back in elemantary in 2011 I had a best friend her name was Desiree and she was like my other half. While we were at her house it was a hot summer day and I was hanging out with Desiree and her family. We decided to play with water balloons, her little brother also helped out make water balloons. We had a water balloon fight and it was filled with laughs. That was one of the funniest memories I have with my elemantary bestfriend.    

Hanging Out by Isabel Ayala, 7th Grade

When me and my friend hang out it’s really fun. I met my friend Layza in elementry school. When we were younger we would just see each other and talk during recess and after school programs. As years went by we got closer and and would talk more. Eventually in 6th grade we started hanging out. I would go to her house almost every weekend and sometimes after school. Till this day I go to her house we also go to the mall or movies. Its really fun. At her house we order pizza and watch Netflix. Then afterwards we go to the ice crem truck or to a little store near our house. We live right next to her to, so after we get our snacks we would just walk around our neighborhood. It may seem boring but it’s actully fun.  

Bitter Sweet Moments by Alejandro Zambrano, 8th Grade

 I been in Irving for 3 years and I felt pain, stress, and boredom, However I will miss Irving when I change schools. The reason that I will is because of my friends. My friends are the reason I like going to school. Without them I would be nothing, but a sad lonely
loser. My best friends won’t come to my high school so this is the last year I will see them. It’s sad because most of them I feel very close to and without them I will suffer.  However all good things die. I Just need to move on and say goodbye. I hope this pain doesn’t effect me in high school, but I know there is still time to make the most of what I have. left.

Infuriating UNO, By Christian Gallarzo, 7th Grade

My friends and I used to always gather around the covered eating area and play UNO, the card game. It’s a fun, but an infuriating game, that mainly requires luck. if you’re not lucky, you will lose, and it stinks! It’s funny because my friends would always screech when you gave them “The Plus-4”. In the end, after the game was over,  no matter what happened, we remained “friends”. 

Championship Game by Joeven Santillan, 7th Grade

My friend and I both were in a baseball team. We were at the championship game when  our pitcher hit the     batter’s knee. The batter started crying. The umpire told the batter that he couldn’t get back in the game or else they would get an out. When he did get back in the game he got the third out and we won the championship. When the batter’s dad heard this, he picked up a bat and started swinging it at the fence. 

He was crazy. Nobody cared though. We were just running, throwing our baseball caps into the air becaue we won!

Many Friends, One Team by Angel De La Cruz, 7th Grade

  I have a lot of friends who play baseball. We usually play at the same park but different teams, and my Dad is our coach. I told all my friends in a group chat that we should go practice for my Dad. Usually my Dad does not like when I am on the same team as my friends. I help him when he drafts players he wants on his team. My friends are pretty good. He kept saying “No I can’t have too many of  YOUR FRIENDS ON MY TEAM”. I persuaded him to finally do it.  When the first practice started he agreed with me and started 

saying it was a good choice. When the first game of the season came we blew the team out 12-0. My dad said, “Maybe if you do have a team of good buddies it works out better.” Then We ended up winning the next 7 games in a row. My Dad said that we have a really good chance of next year’s team being the same team.

Lunchtime Laughter by Catherine Soo, 7th Grade

During lunch, my best friend and I like to go to art and anime club with Ms. Mayer. We would always sketch and doodle pictures. We like to make ridiculous jokes and just have fun. We share laughs and giggles all the time.  We hang out together every day working on group projects, making silly puns, and much more. I am always having a great time around my best friend. I am glad that I got a chance to bond with her and am grateful that I met her.

Randomness by Giovanni Covarrubias, 8th Grade

Me and my best friend   always do the most random things. We would always text each other random jokes at random times of the day. Once he texted me during the middle of the class and got me in trouble.  I later got him back by spamming him in the middle of the night.


Bonding Time by Ashley Acevedo, 8th Grade

One thing I like to do with my best friend is go to the movies with her. Another thing I like to do is go to the mall. The reason I like to do that with my best friend is because I feel like everytime we hang out at a place like these I feel like our bond just keeps on growing. I met my best friend in 2nd grade she came into school late and had no friends so I decided to be a good person and ask her if she wanted to hang out with me. Days pasted New Tab and our bond got stronger and stronger she would come over my house and I would go over hers. I hope we willl still be together until we grow old.

We Spent Twelve Hours At the Mall and Had So Much Fun by Michelle Rodriguez, 8th Grade

I’ve had really great friends in the past. However two of my bestfriends are Nain Sanchez and Krystel Valencia. We’ve hung out a couple times but one of the recent times was going to the mall. We all went to the mall on a Saturday, we woke up early and stayed at the mall until 9:30 p.m. We ate dragon breath and we also ate In-n-Out. We went to multiple stores and we also took a lot of pictures. I’ve known them for 3 years and they are amazing friends. Really good friends to me are people who are loyal, kind, and funny. I’m glad I met them and I hope to stay in touch with them for a long time.

Old and New Friends by Mindy Chan, 7th Grade

In elementary, I had a lot of friends. I had friends that were older and younger than me. The years passed by really fast and it was time for me to go to middle school. It was sad to leave them. We never had time to chat, but I will never forget their beautiful faces and everything we did together.  When I went to Irving Middle School, I was scared that people would bully me. A week later, I found a girl that I started to talk to. She was younger than me, but we still became friends. She is my only best friend here that I talk to the most.

Running with Old Friends by Dylan Hang, 7th Grade

Fredrick and Anthony are two of my favorite friends. We often run and play basketball. One time, we played a game similar to ball tag. We threw footballs to tag each other and made up a few rules of our own. My brother also joined in the game. Anthony had the ball most of the time and we always hid away from him. There were a few arguments about who had the ball but the whole game was very fun and also very tiring. 

Gaming With Friends by Anthony Talavera, 8th Grade

I like playing video games with my friends. We play Overwatch and Call of Duty. We mostly play Overwatch, though. Overwatch is a team based multiplayer first-person shooter game. Sometimes we don’t take the game too seriously. We don’t really care if we lose the game because we are too busy laughing. It is   really fun to play with my friends. That is one of the reason why I play video games.

Surprise Birthday Party by Diana Caballero, 8th Grade

Recently, my friend and I threw a surprise party for our friend. We made the theme black and silver because those are her favorite colors. We decided the surprise party would be held at her aunt’s house. Right when the birthday girl opened the door, my friend and I sprayed her with silly string. We sprayed with silly string until all of the cans were empty. Seeing her full of silly string was very amusing. We hugged her and wished her a happy birthday. She was so surprised that she screamed in fear. It made me feel happy that she actually was very startled and happy. After all of the laughs and joy on our faces, we headed inside to eat the birthday girl’s favorite food.   

Ouiji by Nina Monahan, 7th Grade

April 7th, was my birthday party and my brother and all of our friends including Richard, Izzy, Jazmine came over. We were  playing with the ouiji board and my friend Richard was playing the ouiji board on his phone and he was getting scared so he threw his phone on the ground and started hitting his phone with a metal stick and his phone cracked.  After he was done playing with the ouiji board,  his phone started acting weird and didn’t want to work. He started pouring  water all over his phone, and at the end of him playing with the ouiji board his phone didn’t want to turn any on anymore.



Left Over Easter Eggs by Maria Campuzano, 7th Grade

Me  and my bestfriend Jesenya have math for first period with Ms.Duong. Our teacher awlays has these mood swings where she is kind of happy one second and the other second she is yelling her guts out on us. Me and jesenya always talk to eacher during that class, as long with this other person named Rene. Today in the middle of classs he took out a orange from his backpack and started to peel it. Once he was done peeling it he ate it. I honsetly dont know why i laughed but it was funny.Jesenya always make jokes right when something funny happens,which makes me laught even more. When he was dropping off his paper in the box, he was trying to shoot imaginary hoops. I started to laugh beaucse of his facial expressions and i almost got I trou

Best Class, Best Friend by Aliyah Vargas

It was my seecond week of school, and there was a new girl in one of my classes. She sat next to me and she started talking to me. I kinda thought she was weird but so am I, so who am I to judge. We actually got along very well so we stared hanging out more. Now we know each other to the point where we can be mean to each other and know we are joking around. Every time we have a conversation it’s never serious and we always end up laughing till we feel like our stomachs are being punched.


4D Aliens, 20 Minutes Play Time by Chaz Antiporda, 6th Grade

Us 4D aliens mostly hang with each other. We mostly talk about all sorts of stuff and ship people with others. We love to make weird noises which I find quite childish but funny. We 4D aliens are very hardworking students but when it comes to nutrition, it’s a total chaos and the lunch lady mostly got mad at us but we just laugh it off thinking the lady who got mad didn’t mean it as something offensive. When some kids got held in for their unfinished work, we were really loud outside and the lunch lady got mad at us. We may be a bunch of goofy aliens but, that’s what keeps our bond stronger and stronger. Thanks to all these aliens for accepting me as one of them.

My New Favorite Shirt by Elena Rhea, 6th Grade

There was this time that my friend Alicia gave me an early birthday present. It was a bag that had a shirt with a rainbow on it, a boxed present, a Bath & Body Works brand ocean sented perfume, and a Bath & Body Works brand  lavender glitter soap.  The shirt fits me perfectly and I love it

     I left the gifts in the backpack room after P.E, and I realized I didn’t have them with me. I went back but the door was loocked and I gave up trying after 10 minutes of knocking and yelling. Alicia went back and got them, but the bag was ripped, the boxed present was opened, and the perfume and soap were missing. We’re still looking for the thief, but I’m just relieved they didn’t take the shirt, too.  So don’t forget to take your stuff with you after PE!!

6th Grade Memories by Heart Talag, 7th Grade

Last year, my old friend and I sat next to a new student, who is now a great friend of mine. Our first meeting was somewhat... interesting. My old friend started asking questions like “Do you watch *insert show here*?” I don’t remember what happened, but we managed to become friends. Usually, at lunchtime, the three of us(the two friends and I), would usually walk around. Around the Gym, the S building, and the covered eating area. One day, our old friend named a tree, Dank. We also talk to our classmates, specifically before 4th period. We all just hang out at the boys’ side of the PE building. I just remembered this one time, when someone threw a stick at a person we don’t know. The person asked who threw the stick, my friend got accused, then the guy threw the stick at him but missed. Especially when it’s freetime in PE. I miss those days and my old friend(she switched schools before 7th). But, we always have to move on. At least my other friend is still here. Even though we don’t have same classes, we still hang out with each other. Friend, if you’re reading this, hi.

Messing Around by Yong Lik Tang, 8th Grade

The other day at the handball courts. I was playing with my friends. While we were playing handball, Angel and Anthony were messing around on the courts. They were kicking and hitting, then they fell on me. Anthony was on the top, Angel was in the middle and I was on the bottom. Then I kicked Anthony so he would get off of Angel and me. After that we just joked around in the handball courts. It was great. We always do this kind of stuff together.

Simple Things Make Us Smile by Gaby Pena, 8th Grade

One day my friends Angeline,Giselle, and I were playing with a soccerball. We were kicking the ball to our right. Giselle and I were kicking it perfectly but once it got to Angeline I would always have to run for it. She would try kicking it perfectly but either way it would go the other direction and I ended up running to get it. Or it would either hit her shin or she would miss the ball. It was very funny, it will be a memory that I will never forget.


My First Best Friend at Irving by Liam Pinon, 8th Grade

One day I was starting my first day at this middle school.  I thought I was going to be alone at this school for the next two years, but that’s when I met my first friend here.  His name is Sebastian.  We started to talk to each other ever since we found out that we have all our classes with each other.  We also found out we like the same things.  I invited three of my friends to come to an Easter party and the only one that showed up was Sebastian.  At that moment I knew me and him were gonna be good friends, and to this day we still are the best of friends.  Yes I made lots and lots of new friends, but Sebastian will always be my best friend, and that will never change.


Good Times with School Mates by Abraham Zuniga, 8th Grade

There are many memorable moments that you have with your friends and some memories stand out more than others.  For example during P.E me and my friends like to play a friendly game of basketball, its always a blast. I also like to go on field trips.  One time we went  to the California Science Center where we saw cool exhibits and ate delicious food.

Soccer Ready by Itzel Martinez, 7th Grade

Not to long ago my friends,  Josie, Maria and I stayed after school for a soccer game we were going to play at at King Middle School. On our way to the school it was a fun bus ride with my friends and teammates. Once we got there, my teammates were in shock at how big the girls were in the other team. One of my teammataes Emily said she had butterflies. It was game time, as the gamestarted  most players on the other team were agressive and taking great shots. There was this one moment where I started laughing so hard in the game becasue of my friend Maria.  Maria was going for the ball and dribbling it.  Meanwhile, two girls from the other team were coming and trying to get the ball from her. They were being aggresive with her and she got squished in between them like a sandwich. That will be one of the funniest moments I will remember.  Unfortunately we lost, but not by a very bad score. Overall that day was the most fun and memorable day od all.

What a Great Friend I Am (Not) by Noa Magallon, 7th Grade

I have lots of friends however I will tell the tale of two friends that I met two years ago.  When I went to Las Vegas for 9 days in 2015 I had the funnest week of my life.  I remember that on  a Thursday my aunt had planned a cruise in Lake Mead as well as a tour of Hoover Dam.  When I entered the boat and ordered my food I met these two random kids.  They were both a year older than me.  I was 11 and they were 12.  (BTW I have their numbers but I haven’t gotton in touch.  I don’t even remember their names.  What a good friend I am!)   We sat and ate together and talked about video games.  We also talked about Minecraft and who built what.  (This was two years ago, it was when Minecraft was still super popular).   We then walked on the boat and looked at the beautiful lake.   We looked around at the beauty of Lake Mead.  After the cruise we went with our tour guide (I forgot his name too and he was the best guide ever! I want to say his name is Dan but I’m not sure.)  Well we were on the bus when we decided to exchange numbers.  gave them mine and the shorter one gave me his.   (I need to find it, I need to get in touch with them.)  We walked with the guides for Hoover Dam.  We explored the power plant and the history of it.  It was quite interesting.  We just hanged out after that.  When the tour was over we just talked about our hotels and I told them about Calfornia, they talked about New York.  Then we shook hands and went our seperate ways.  (Seriously I need to find that number, what a great friend I am!) 

Wierdness Makes My Day by Angelina Arellano

In the beginning of seventh grade, I met my best friend, Gretzel. It all started when I would always go eat lunch with my friend, Virginia, that’s when I met the friends I hang out with now. At first, I didn’t talk to Gretzel that much, but since I realized I had most classes with her, I guess that’s when I started talking to her. She imakes my day because weirdness makes my day. 

About My Best Friend by Joemy Sandoval, 8th Grade

When I met my bestfriend I did not know how important she will be to me. She is someone I can trust with my problems and when I’m feeling down she helps me out. Whenever I’m with her she is always making me laugh. Sometimes we get mad at each other but then we fix the problem. What I like about my bestfriend is that whenever I’m feeling sad she trys to make me laugh.

Best Friends Are There For You by Brianna Quintana, 7th Grade

    As you know us girls go through heart break and drama.  It’s nice when you have someone to talk to when no else is there.  That’s where best friends come in.  They give you advice and cheer you up.  If you didn’t have a bestfriend to trust, you would probably be telling your parents everything.  Not that I don’t love my parents, but sometimes they don’t understand “teenage” situations.  Your best friend is there when ever you need them, with their shoulder to cry on. That’s my definition of a best friend, what’s yours?


Helping Out A Friend by Catrina Solis, 7th Grade

One day when I was in 6th grade at my old school, I ended up spraining my ankle really bad. I got a cast around it that had to be on for a least 2 weeks, and at my old school there were stairs EVERYWHERE and you may not know it, but it’s really hard to go up the stairs in crutches.  I had to wait in the office during nutrition so that meant I couldn’t play outside. My friend decided to wait with me during lunch and nutrition. I thought that’s the true defintion of a good friend, that they’ll wait for you even if that means that they won’t be able to do what was originally planned.

Stressed, Depressed But Disney Obsessed! by Sheliya Tronco, 8th Grade

My friends and I spend a majority of our time obsessing over Disney. Yes, we know every lyric to every Disney song known to existence. We cry over the fact that we’re too poor to go to Disneyland. And we have watched every Disney movie- even the ones that were made before our parents were born. We all love each other more than we all love Disney... combined. (That’s A LOT of love) You may think we are childish, but nobody is too old for Disney! It is a part of our childhood, which we dearly miss. Ah, those were the days when the only thing we would stress about is when the next Hannah Montana episode would air on Disney Channel. As you can tell by now, Disney makes us happy- even through the most saddest of days. However, nothing cheers me up more than my actual Disnerd-friends. It makes me sad that we will separate for High School, but we will surely keep in touch and see each other again. My friends and I talk about our Disney-related future often, like how we want to someday work at The Happiest Place On Earth and apply for the Disney College Program to dorm together. Hopefully, our dreams will come true. By the way, High School better be like High School Musical 1,2 and 3. (ha it won’t)

The Day the Space Shuttle Passed By, written by Matthew Aguilar, 7th Grade

The best day ever was with my first best friend Williams Lopez. I remember it was the first time I had ever went to the skate-park. It also happened to be the day when the shuttle would be passing through his neighborhood. So we had spent an hour or two at the park and it was amazing. I remember all the streets being closed so we would skate through them and all the wind blowing past. We were on our way back to his house but he wanted to stop by our old elementary school to do a trick he had been trying out. He managed to jump off from the top of the school’s stairs doing the trick as well first try. Once we got back to his house we waited in the middle of the big street with many other people and saw the quite gargantuan shuttle pass by. We ended off the day watching a movie and eating pizza.

Fight to Friendship by Benny Perez

 I met my bestfriend, more like rival, Alex who was also my first friend when we were 3 at our first day of school. He took my pencil so I decided  to push him then start to swing and so he did as well.  We ended up on the floor and he was pushing my fingers back and I ended up pulling his hair. We were seprated after that and then we pretty much became best friends. We were totally opposite, he was quiet and did all his work and never got into trouble. Unlike me,  I’d talk and say whatever I wanted to whoever and didnt really care for anything but basketball.  As a matter fact we taught each other how to play basketball and even became rivals the better we got

What is True Friendship? by Tristan Winstead, 8th Grade

If you ever wondered if your friend truly is your best friend you should ask three things. One, can you spend a week with this person without tiring of their company. Two, how far will you go to help this person in any situation they are in? And last but not least, can you tell this person anything on your mind whithout worrying what they will say?

Baseball Brought US Together by Jessica Gamino, 7th Grade

Back in Elementary I was an amazing baseball player. I had a baseball game to go to so I arrived early so I could practice with my friends.   As I was practicing my batting with a pitcher from the opposing team, she was pitching the ball to me very fast, just to suprise me. One of her pitches caught me off guard, so I swung the bat too hard and fast, and it ended up hitting her right arm. She wasnt hurt, except for the fact that she had her arm in a cast for a week. I apologized and I started hanging out with her more and more, and we eventually became friends.

Aesthetic Adventures by Jasmine Sanchez, 7th Grade

A monthly thing my friends and I do is go on aesthetic adventures together. Aesthetic adventures for us are when we go to aestheitc places such as a mall, an art musuem, a park, or a science center. It’s time we spend together outside of school. Sometimes we walk around taking pictures of each, shop for clothes, roam the streets trying to forget about life problems, or we sit in a cafe/restraunt discussing issues and problems we have. Overall it’s a nice and calming experience and I recommend people try it out with their best friends sometime. <3

Basketball Tournament by Wenyan He, 8th Grade

I joined a summer program in 2013. In this program learned many things, such as computer engineering, art, and new sports. The one that most excites me is the basketball events. I made many friends from this club and I gained knowledge about how to play the game.  At the end of summer we had a  basketball tournament together.  We were winning until the finals. In the final we went for our best. In the first two quarters, we lost 18 to 11. But we decided to work together and break through their defense.  We shot our best and we started to make a huge come back. In the end of the fourth quarter, we won 35 to 32. Me and my friends yelled out loud, “We won!!”


Meeting Tyler, by Emily Hernandez

 I am going to talk about how io met my friend Tyler! I bet you probaly heard her name a couple of times, anyways I’ll tell you the story of how I met her. It all started in summer school actually. I sat next to her in Ms. Kahm’s class and I just sat there feeling awkward. I didn’t know what to do, but I decided to talk to her. We talked about music, and then I overheard her talking about how she was trying to play this song that I know. After that, we started talking even more and now we are friends!

Strange Friendship by Josh Penojas, 7th Grade

    I met Matthew Aguilar in math class in the second week of the new semester of 7th grade. As a joke for some reason I started offering hugs to strangers. I stood up and asked a stranger (Matthew) if he wanted a hug. We hugged and went back to our seats. So I decided to continue this trend in all my classes. After that, I met someone in my science class (Cesar) I called him “kai-ser” back then. I soon figured out Matthew and Cesar were friends, this started our hangout sessions with each other. During our hangout sessions I met Christopher, we never told each other if we wanted to be friends, but then we knew we qualified as friends.

Last Day of 7th Grade by Leilani Quevedo, 8th Grade

Last year my group of friends and I went to eat somewhere on the last day of school and it was so fun. I remember we took a really cute picture in the McDonald’s Play Place. It was Alyssa, Taylor, Farah, Andrea and I. We came back to Irving after we ate and all the culminated 8th graders were gone and the hall was empty it was kind of a bittersweet moment, that we would be 8th graders too. I was one of the best memories that I have with all of my best friends that I still talk to, to this day.

A Pint of Milk by Angeline Romero, 8th Grade

One day after school, Giselle and I went to El Ranchito. She asked me what I wanted and I said “Milk.” So she bought it for me. She even bought hot puffs and Nesquik.  I was walking back to school drinking my pint of milk.  I was sitting down drinking milk and eating hot puffs. I started walking around the halls with my milk and Ms. McClean saw me, she asked me if I was trying to make myself throw up.  I started laughing and said no as I walked back to the field. We took pictures of my milk and me. We had junk food and best friends so it was a really fun day. When my aunt came to pick me up, she had some cookies for me and I still had some milk left over. Thank you Giselle for everything. You’ve been my best friend since day one. We have had our bad times but who doesn’t. 

New Friends to The Rescue by Sarai Quiran, 7th Grade

I met my friends one day in elementry school . My other friend was being a very rude person. She would start screaming at me for no reason and so I just left her. I saw these two girls having fun and so I asked if I could join them. I told them what my other friend was doing and so they let me hang out with them. My other friend asked to talk to me alone and she asked me why I left her. I told her she was being very rude and she started to scream at me again.The two girls I became friends with came to my rescue and told her to leave me alone. Since that day we have always been there for each other. Even though we go to different schools now we still talk to each other and go to each others houses. 

Handball Legends by Anthony Larenas, 8th Grade

My friend Angel A.K.A. Zancudo and I are the handball  legends. We have gone to tournaments at Venice Beach, Simple Green, and here at Irving Middle School. We have gotten to the finals. In those tournament we have gotten 1st place or at least 2nd place. We also go to solo tournaments , which are the fun tournaments. My coach thinks we aren’t  good playing together. I remember a time when Angel and I went to a Simple Green tournament together and played against people from other states. I think Angel won more games than me but we both got a good place in the tournament. Angel got 1st and I got 2nd. 


Delinquents (ha-ha) by Mathew Marz, 7th Grade

I have some friends that get me into trouble. One time they lit a firecracker and threw it into a  plastic Walmart trash can. Luckily, I had nothing to do with it so all of us ran out and we didn’t get into trouble. Another time, we trespassed into some woods and started moutain biking until we got caught. One friend of mine tried to escape, but he got dissed.

Switching Schools by Mikayla Cabral, 7th Grade

When I was about five years old, in first grade I had to change schools. I was super scared of what everyone would think of me and them not wanting to be my friend. The day came that I had to go. On the drive there I kept thinking of all my friends and how I probably would never see them again but I also kept thinking about how I could make new friends.  I was scared and excited at the same time. I walked into the school and to my classroom, and saw that every wall was covered in kid’s colorful drawings, I also saw insects. So I put my coat in my little cubby and walked up to the teacher, then she introduced me to the rest of the class and asked if anyone wanted to show me around and everybody wanted to. I felt very happy that I had made friends. 


How I Met Lance by Adrian Lira, 8th Grade

 I was in 6th grade, and I sat in the back. Our 6th grade teacher had made him sit in front of me. He had been in our school since 3rd grade, but I never introduced myself. I was really shy, when it came to meeting new people. I knew I had to make him laugh, so I could introduce myself.  I tried making a joke out of everything I could, so I could make him laugh. Eventually I succeeded and introduced myself.  I asked him his name and he said,” Lance”.  I started talking to him casually, and he started joking around too. I finally met and knew the guy, I wanted to know since 3rd grade.

Best Friends Soon To Part by Annie Markarian, 7th Grade

Some things that I like doing with my best friend is doing school work together and having fun, time to time. We make funny jokes and jokes with puns. Our favorite thing to do is get a scrap piece of paper and doodle whatever comes to our minds and make fun of our own drawings. We spend time together in most of our classes because of projects or assignments. We also spend time in art or anime club. We will go our separate ways soon because my family is moving this summer but we’ll talk with each other and still keep in touch.

Virtual Friends by Patrick Monahan, 8th Grade

One day I was playing my favorite video game Rainbow Six Seige and I was in a match and I found a person named Miguel. He was is in the same team as me. He had a headset so he could communicate with me. After the match ended we started playing more matches together. Then I played with his brother Anthony. Then me and Anthony started playing a lot of different matches together. So after a while we became best friends. So now me, Miguel, and Anthony play together every day without ever having meet each other in person.

The Story of 2 Crazy Kids Becoming Best Friends by Carlos Cardena, 8th Grade

Me and my bestfriend met in 8th grade.  We started talking and we just clicked.   It would always be laughs and we knew how to have fun when everyone around us just knew how to be toixc. Its the type of friendship that if we were to fall or get hurt we would both laugh a lot before helping each other. Me and her like a lot of similler things like DCs superheros and food. Our favorite superhero is The Flash because he’s just awesome. I think we click because we’re both crazy and like to have fun.

Adventures with a Handball by David Hernandez, 8th Grade

Almost every day my friends and I go to my old school.  One day my friends and I were going to my old school and we were telling jokes to each other on top of a hill.  I was bouncing my handball then my ball went rolling down the hill. My friends and I went chasing the ball down the hill.  Then when we were getting close to the ball my friend kicked it by accident and it went to the street. A car was coming and the car hit my ball and took my ball in its wheel.  After that my friends and I were laughing all the way to our old school about what just happened.   

Old and New Friends by Isabel Tan, 6th Grade

 Before I left Castelar Elementary, I had a lot of friends to play with. We all had to go to seperate schools. One of them goes to Nightingale MS, most Castelar students go there so she still knows people there. We don’t get to chat a lot especially because we don’t live nearby. She gets lots of homework so there isn’t much time to chat with her, too. On weekends, I would call her. We would ask our moms if we can meet up; they would allow it. We will always find time to meet up again.

     In the beginning when I first came to Irving, I was scared I would not have any friends since I didn’t know anyone. But luckily, I found myself with a friend. We are in different grades, I’m in 6th and she is in 7th but I would still accept her as my friend. Sadly, I only have one class with her, which is math. For the second semester, we chose the same electives but still didn’t have a class together.

Old Friends, Old Team by Andrew Ponce, 7th Grade

One day I joined a basketball team at my elementary school. I had a friend on the team and we always passed the ball to each other when we were open. We always knew where we were at. We still pass the ball to the team but mostly each other. Me and my friend were the only good ones on the team. We carried our team and they were nothing without us. We were so good at IQ with each other, but when we went to the finals he had to leave the state. So I was still playing and trying to win but our team lost in the end. Then we lost and that sucked. We  would’ve won if  he played the whole season because our IQ was to good that no one could’ve caught up with the passes. Our communication was silent but deadly. Then one day he came to visit but the season was over, so when he came back all we did was play basketball at the park and that was the last time I saw him. So I trained and trained so I can be good at basketball and hope to make it to the NBA so I can give him a ticket to a game of mine to see me again.

Always Smiling and Laughing by Damaris Nolasco, 8th Grade

    The other day in P.E. me and my friends could not stop laughing. We were laughing non-stop, our stomachs even started hurting and we had tears in our eyes. We kept making jokes, and we didn’t stop from the very beginning of class to the very end. We mostly just laughed at each other and at anything and everything. With them I am always happy and laughing, there is never a dull moment when we’re together.

Teamwork by Jesenya Galvan, 7th Grade

Last semester, Josie and I often stayed after school to play basketball at Lacer. We would go to many games together and most of the time we would win but there was always that one team that we could never beat. It was December 13, 2016. The whole team was heading to King Middle School for an afternoon game. King was pretty good. We could tell that they were trained well and worked as a good team. Josie made 2 baskets and I made 3. We both tried our best and even though we didn’t win, we were happy at the end of the day:)

Airsoft Adventures by Clarke Dandridge, 7th Grade

    On occasion I will play airsoft with one of my friends.  If you don’t know what airaoft is, it is very similiar to paintball but instead of the big paint balls you have small BBs, which one, they hurt less and two, they don’t make a big mess.  Anyway, we have done that a couple times and we might be doing it again in a week.  When we do this activity it’s always a lot of fun to do since I can communicate with someone else during the game and I have a partner to watch my back so I don’t get shot.  I also watch his back so he doesn’t get shot.

Friday On My Mind by Natalie Tello, 6th Grade

Some times on Friday after school me and my friend  go to Burger King and hang out. We always order chicken fries, medium french fries, and a large fountain drink. We sit in a corner to eat and we talk.She always makes me laugh and  we have a great time.We talk about parties, siblings, funny moments, and other stuff. I am always looking foward to Fridays.

Privileges of Friendship by Maribel Vasquez, 8th Grade

One time Richmond, my friend Leslie and I went to Mr.Nguyen’s for tutoring . We were hanging out in the back and Mr.Nguyen told some girl she had to sit with us. So while we were doing RCA’s, Leslie and I were joking with Richmond by insulting him. He said “Oh my God, why am I so useless!” Then, Leslie and I agreed with him.  It was all in fun but the girl sitting with us also called Richmond stupid. That caused Leslie turn to her and say, “Hey, thats my friend you’re talking about, say sorry”  We were going back and forth with her for a little while. Then she said “sorry.” Richmond said “Thanks, you guys are really my friends”. 

Names for Anthony by Christian Sanchez, 8th Grade

My friend Anthony Sanchez a.k.a. 

webogod, has the best ears in history. His ears are super small. His ears are the size of my thumb. So all you need is to put your thumb next to his ear and you can see how small his ears are. Moving on to another topic about Anthony, other names of him include; webohead, lemonhead, warhead, winnie the pooh, antman, stone, stony, webogod, and jerry.  By the way I got his permission to share this.

Rainbow Six Fan Boys by Shawn Malik, 6th Grade

Me and my friend Ray like this game called Rainbow Six Siege.   Even though we play on diffrent consoles we talk about our experince and new content coming out.  We also talk about game balance  or what should be fixed and left alone.  We also argue about one very hard question that question is who is ... the best PLAYER !  I think it’s me because in the last 3 seasons I got a gold ranking while Ray got gold for the first season, second season he got brone, third season he got gold.  We also  play with diffrent characters so we have different opinions of which character does better in different situations.

Six People on One Server by Gabriel Medina, 7th Grade

One time me and my friend at school went home to play a game called GMod. Gmod is a game where you can download mods and also build stuff, and the cool thing about GMod is that you can play games inside of GMod, so its like a game inside of another game. We play all sorts of different games, and one of them is Prop Hunt, one of my favorites. The point of the game is to hide for a couple minutes, and you are an ordinary object, and you can change the type of object you are so that the seekers can’t find you. It is extremely fun and once I played GMod for 4 hours straight. The cool thing is most of my friends have it and we all play together, and we sometimes have 6 people on one server and it gets way better. In my opinion GMod is one of the best games on the Internet that you can buy.

Funny Misses by Christian Hernandez, 8th Grade

    Best friends should always have fun times in life. For instance the other day me and my friend were playing soccer at the park. We were on the same team trying to score on the other side but whenever I passed it to my friend or he passed it to me we would always miss. If I would pass it to him he would hit crossbar but if he passed it to me I would always hit post. Suddenly when I was going to shoot I thought of hitting it to the left side of the goal. I tried to hit it to the left side of the goal and it went flying outside of the game. Then we won by default because the other team forfeited. So, we were cheering the rest of the day and the next day we lost our voices. The End

Laughing Is What We Do by Evelyn Ortega, 8th Grade

My bestfriend and I love to laugh. When we went to the mall we went to go see a scary movie.  We were screaming so loud but it was really fun.  We would start laughing after we got scared.  After we went to eat pizza.   We would try to eat but couldn’t because we were laughing.  If we are in class we can’t do our work because we laugh about everything.  We try to stay serious but it just makes us laugh even more.  My bestfriend and I love to laugh.

My Twin Sister and Me by Stacy Gonzalez, 8th Grade

A story about me and my best friend is that we met when we were in our mother’s womb. I’ve spent most of my life with her and it’s been a great experience. She is very important to me because we do so much together and even though we argue and fight and sometimes hangout with other people she’s still my twin sister and my best friend. The most fun things that we like to do with each other is that we like to watch any type of movies and comedy tv shows and take pictures of  sunsets. Even though we don’t look alike it is like we are like the same person because we like the same things. I consider her my best friend because throughout our years together we had a group of friends but she is the only person who knows me well and I hope we will do the same things always just like today.

At the Mall with My Friends by Alexis Cruz, 8th Grade

My best friend and I always hang out at the mall. When we shop we usually go to the same stores. Since we go to the same stores shopping with her isn’t a problem. If she doesn’t happen to like a store that I like, she still goes there with me. I do that for her too. When we eat at the mall we eat at the same places. We are very similar. In my opinion most of the food in the mall is good. Sometimes we take turns on what to get everytime we go there. I don’t have a problem if she chooses where we eat. Anyways we eat at the food court so we can still buy any type of food we want.


Skate Life by Isiah Lemus, 8th Grade

Me and my friend planned to go to the skate park beacuse we were bored.   W e skated to the skate park and on our way we ran into old friends who wanted to come. So we waited for them to get their boards which took forever. They took too long so we left and went to the skate park without them and ran into people who wanted to bet money on the game called Shate.  So we played them for 20 bucks and we won.


Sleep Overs by Franky Gonzalez, 6th Grade

What me and my best friend did when he slept over my  house wasn’t sleep much.  We played Grand Theft Auto until 5am. Then we ordered Dominos Pizza. Then we watched a movie called Blood In Blood Out. After we started boxing with my boxing gloves.  We got ice-cream and watched a movie. When Jesse fell asleep I drew a happy face on his face. At 4pm my friend had to go home so I said “peace see you  next time.” 

Unexpected Friendship by Kenneth Williams, 8th Grade

 I was once browsing through my games to play and I came across gmod or garrys mod. I was bored and wanted to play it and so I did exactly that. I went onto an online game of somthing called basewars a gmod gamemode. In this gamemode you can go anywere on the map and make a base following some rules and so on. I met this group of guys about my age who asked if I wanted to join the same team as them I said sure. Now they had a decent base that still had some things missing but it had the basics. Now onto the real story the reason why this friendship was unexpected was because I actually got attached to what we were doing and these guys were really cool with me and it was online! After a while of building making money printers and this and that we got raided and these raiders were well equiped so most of my team got destroyed so while all was going down I did a last resort thing of take the heavy weapons and start shooting everything this actually worked and I saved all of our hard work. Afterwards I made friends with one of the guys and I played a lot more gamemodes with them. In the end it was all good fun and I didnt really expect to make friends with someone online.    

How I Met Them by Esther Chaidez, 8th Grade

It was during 7th grade that I met some really good friends. It started in math class, a girl named Melany invited me to her table to play a math game since I had no one at my table to play the game with I ended up playing the game with her. It was real fun, I even won. The secod day we played the game again and we played it together, I won again. We started to talk in math class and I moved my seat next to her. One day after that, I started to talk to another one of Melany’s friends, Milaika. I actually met Milaika first but we didn’t talk, until Melany, it was during math class. I had asked Milaika for help, after that we started talking a bit more. We realized we all had the same 5th period and after we became great friends. After a few more weeks I met Patty. I actually met her on a field trip.  It was because of Patty,Melany and Milaika that I ended up talking to Aliza. All 5 of us became really close. Even now in 8th grade we still are great friends. I’m glad to have met them.  This semster, I made a promise with one of them, “no matter where we go  we’ll always be best freinds.” Sounds a bit cliche right? I’m glad I met M.E.A.P (Melany,Milaika,Aliza,esther, and patty) This paragraph is practically dedicated to them. I also met a bunch of other people too. Another one of my great friends is a girl, Gabby. She’s a real great friend. If people ever have a friend like     Gabby, they are lucky. This is also dedicated to her.