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Roller Coasters by Marcella Quintanar, 7th Grade

A thing that makes me smile is rollercoasters. I love the thrill of rollercoasters and how they make me feel free. Some people get scared and scream of fear, but all I think about is how much fun I’m ...more

Music Always Makes Me Feel Better by Adrian Del Rosa, 8th Grade

One thing that makes me happy is music. I can’t do anything without music. It calms me down. It takes me to other places in my head. Depending on what kind of music, it changes how I feel. I listen ...more

Summer Was So Fun by Faith Costello, 8th Grade

The happiest I’ve ever been is probably over the summer. I was with my friends and family Every other day I would go to Six Flags and have a good time. But mostly I would come to summer school to ...more

A Lifetime Gamer by Frank Downer, 7th Grade

From childhood Disney games to realistic heavy games, gaming has had residence in my life for nine years. Though I retain multiple other interests, gaming has persevered through my life. Practically ...more

Working on Art by Kaliah Godoy, 8th Grade

What’s making me smile is drawing. I’ve always been told that I’m good at drawing so recently I started to learn about human anatomy and a couple of other things that helped improve my art. My sister ...more

Hiking With My Family by Nalia DeLeon, 7th Grade

Something makes me smile is hiking with my family. The first time I went hiking was when I was in the fourth grade when we went to an old abandoned Nazi hideout, where we met this girl that told us ...more

Tennis by Elias Montes, 6th Grade

What makes me happy is playing tennis. When I play tennis, I feel that I am actually good at something. When I first started out at Queen Anne, I was just in the beginner level. My coach quickly sent ...more

RC Challenge by Daniel Palos, 8th Grader

What makes me smile is gong to a competition for a RC class Saturday December 2. Mr. Perez and Mr. Samayoa are heading out to a competition with about 30 studentsl. We will be looking at the ...more

Six Flags with My Family by Akira Nakamura, 7th Grade

One time when I was happy was when my mom took my sister and mw to Six Flags. We went on almost all of the rides. My sister’s favorite ride was Superman, but my favorite was Twisted Kolosis. After we ...more

Basketball Makes Me Happy, by Edgar Cruz, 8th Grade

The thing that makes me happy is playing basketball. I don’t like it just because we make points in the game but because I get to meet new people to play with. I can see if they have flaws or not on ...more

War Thunder Makes Me Smile by Dimitri Martinez, 7th Grader

One day a new friend I made introduced me to a game called War Thunder. He hadn’t played it in three years but he remembered enough to explain to me the game. My friend is like two or one percent ...more

My Grandma Comes for Christmas by Nery Leiya, 6th Grade

One time I was very happy was when my Grandma came for Christmas. She lives in Guatemala very far away from me. It was last year when she came with her sons, by uncles and when they got here I felt a ...more

The Shopping Spree by Damerius Clemmings, 8th Grade

A time that made me happy was when I was shopping with my dad and brother. First we ate at Red Robins and I had a burger and fries. Then we went to tee outlet were we shopped for hours. My brother ...more

Hanging Out With Friends by Shanjita Paul. 7th Grade

What makes me smile is hanging out with my best friends. I love hanging out with my best friends because we get to talk about things we normally can’t talk about with our parents like school drama, ...more

Gaming Makes Me Happy by Dillon Chan, 7th Grade

Gaming makes me smile because I play with my friends. I play with them every weekend because it is fun and a little hard. But I am happy either way unless there is a hacker it makes me mad because ...more

The Winning Goal by Anthony Zelaya, 7th Grade

Something that makes me smile is playing soccer. The best memory I had playing soccer was for my uncle’s youth team. Our team had a game in the finals against the best team in the league. Our team ...more

All Nighters by Nathan Crus, 7th Grade

One thing that will always make me happy is playing my Xbox with my friends. It makes me happy because all we do is laugh and the stuff they say is funny. Sometimes I make them laugh and most of the ...more

Batman at Six Flags by Angel Santiago, 7th Grade

I went to Six Flags for the first time with my cousins. We went on a ride which was called Batman the ride. I wanted to go there first because I have always liked Batman. After we were in the line, ...more

A Lifelong Passion by Julian Rendon, 7th Grade

I like music. When I was little my parents would put music on then I would start dancing to the song. When I got older I would put music on and try to sing along to it. Now I listen to Rap, Hip pop, ...more

Softball Brightens My Life by Jasmine Cervantes, 7th Grade

Softball has been a big impact in my life so these are the reasons why. When I was small I would always watch baseball games. My favorite team is the Los Angles Dodger. You are wondering what does ...more

Baking Makes Me Happy by Khye Johnson, 7th Grade

My favorite memory of baking was for Pamela’s birthday party. I baked a red velvet cake with cream cheese buttercream. Pamela was really happy and excited that there wasn’t cake left after. The main ...more

Family Trip by Erwyn Zacamitzin, 8th Grade


Traveling by Britney Thinsuwan, 8th Grade

One hobby I enjoy is travelling. Last summer I flew to Thailand with my family to see all my relatives. We got to see old castles and monuments. I also got to see my old friends at their school. The ...more

Nice On Ice by Johnny Soto, 8th Grade

Ice-skating makes me really happy, especially when skating with my friends. A little more than half a year ago I went ice-skating with a group of 7 other friends during summer break. Admission was ...more

The Binding of Isaac by Joseph Gonzalez, 8th Grade

I was Introduced to a game called The Binding of Isaac by my cousin. Around 3-5 years ago I went to his house and saw this game he was playing. He let my try and the game was super hard. The game was ...more

Family is Fun by Nicholas Evaristo, 7th Grade

The happiest day of my life, well, there are a lot of things that make me happy. Nothing stands out that much. But what makes me happy the most is family. I spend a lot of time with my family. We ...more

Pizza by Wallem Villatoro, 8th Grader

Something that makes me happy is pizza. I really like pizza. I enjoy eating pizza with family or friends. Pizza is one of my favorite things to eat. Especially when I eat it with ranch. I always have ...more

A Great Day At Six Flags by Angel De La Cruz, 8th Grade

I was really happy when I got to go to Six Flags with my two friends. We went on most of the rides except for Superman Escape From Krypton. It was so hot that day that we went on this water ride that ...more

My Game of Choice by Larissa Moreno, 8th Grade

One time I was really happy was when I played baseball on October 2,2017. I was really happy that day because I made 2 home runs. My cousins and I went to a local baseball park in Panorama City. I ...more

Fright Night by Isabel Ayala, 8th Grade

A time I was happy is when I went to Six Flags with my friends. We went to almost all the rides. It was fun to go with them. We bought capes and ate funnel cake. We also stayed until 12 a.m. because ...more

A Great Win by Jerry Jauregui, 8th Grade

What makes me happy is when I play Call of Duty WW2 with my friends Eddie, Jose, John, and Ramses. I enjoy beating them on one vs one’s and QuickScoping them. I haven’t lost a game yet but I was ...more

Dancing Away All Cares by Jamielynn Diaz, 7th Grade

Dancing makes me smile. It expresses my emotions/happiness. My favorite type of dance is hip hop especially when I dance with my friends. They make things more fun because no one likes to dance ...more

Mittens by Victoria Quiran, 7th Grade

My cat, Mittens, makes me smile. He is a tuxedo cat and he loves to play. He acts more like a dog than a cat. Mittens is a crazy when it is nighttime. I hear him running all over the kitchen. He ...more

I Know it's Weird But I like to Beat Meat, by Nathan Arellano, 7th Grade

One thing that makes me happy is punching meat. Punching meat or beating it is fun to do and it feels so satisfying when you beat meat. I have tissues just incase I have allergies or get cold. ...more

Malibu Beach by Christine Rodriguez, 8th Grade

So one moment I remember that made me happy was when I went to the Malibu Beach for my first time, I was 12 at that time and have always wanted to go to Malibu because for some reason I found it ...more

Going to Mexico by Nina Monahan, 8th Grade

Last year my family went to Michoacan to go visit my Tio, Tia, my cousins, and also my cute niece. I haven’t seen my family that lives in Mexico for at least about 5 years. Last November we went to ...more

Childhood Memories by Mathew Johnson, 8th Grade

I like to find things I used to do or play with when I was younger. It could be old photos, old toys, or accessories like my old watch or hat. Recently I have been recovering old video games I used ...more

Gaming by Justin Orellana, 8th Grade

The thing that makes me smile is playing my video games .It makes me happy because it takes me out of this world I even met a boy from New Jersey that now is my friend .I could even play with my ...more

Soccer by Jonathan Pinedo, 6th Grader

I like soccer. It is is my favorite sport especially in the spring . I remember when my dad bought me my first soccer ball. Everyday I played with it all day long until it went flat. But my dad ...more

Thanksgiving by Aditya Mazumder, 8th Grade

My Thanksgiving was a fun day. I went to my cousin’s house in Palmdale. We played on his ps4 and ate turkey. Then my other cousins came and we opened our gifts.  I got a 100-dollar Best Buy gift card. We drank a lot of soda and ate a lot of candy. At 2:50 am my parents and I left my cousins house and came back to LA to my house.

Soccer Wins by Emily Morales, 8th Grade

What makes me smile is when I play soccer. I play soccer with my team, I get happy because I find soccer interesting. There was a time when I was playing the finals with my team and we passed the ball around and my teammate dribbled it up and passed to the forward and she dribbled it up and shot it and scored, later on we scored 5 times. The opponents only scored once. At the end of the game we won the final and had a trophy ceremony and a party. Afterwards and my team and I were happy and exhausted and just enjoyed the party.

Why I Love Parties by Lorien Valcarce, 7th Grade

I LOVE parties!! Once I even threw a party for my family. It was themed around dots and called “The Dotty Party”. It was a lot of fun! I planned several games, such as Dot Matching, Balloon Jump, ...more

Our Annual Camping Trip by Desnine Diaz, 8th Grade

Camping has always been a tradition that ran in my family. Each year in the month of July, my grandpa gets our jet skis hauled onto his RV. Meanwhile, my grandma prepares the food that we are going ...more

California Ranch by Chloe Barahona, 7th Grade

One thing that makes me happy is going to a ranch around California City. It is a very beautiful ranch with many animals.There is always this calming breeze that makes me feel good. It is a very old ...more

Road Trips and the Bahamas by Ava Dougherty, 6th Grade


Vietnam by Anh Nguyen, 7th Grade

One time I was happy was when I went to Vietnam! I was there for more than a month. I got to spend time with my aunts, uncles, and cousins. We went to the beach and a waterpark! This made me happy ...more

The Logic of Being Illogical by Katie Dea, &th Grade

What makes me smile? Well, being illogical makes me smile! It can make me laugh and get my friends confused. It has its own dumb logic. And I get to be random, especially random. And as a bonus, ...more

Horchata by Julia Perez,8th Grade

My dog makes me smile. :) As a young kid I have always wanted a dog or a puppy. They seemed so cute and adorable to me. So when I got Horchata I was so happy. She is a rescue dog that we adopted from ...more

Shopping Makes Me So Happy by Jesenya Galvan, 8th Grade

What makes me happy is shopping! I go shopping at Glendale Galleria and other times I go to Citadel Outlets. The first things I look for are shoes. I go to Nike and Vans a lot. The styles I like the most are lowtop vans and hightop Nike Jordans. In total I have 6 pairs of Jordans and 4 pairs of lowtop Vans. I like buying clothes from Zumiez and Forever 21. I go shopping about once a week.

When I Got Introduced to Video Games by Shawn Malik, 7th Grade

Something that makes me happy is videogames. I discovered videogames when I was 2 years old. My dad was the one who introduced them to me and little did I know it would become one of my favorite ...more

My Little Brother and Me by Logan Garcia, 6th Grade

A time I was happy was when I was little, and my little brother and me played together all the time! We would play on our Wii, play tag, hide and seek, and sometimes, we’d just talk. It was always a ...more

Fun With Out of Town Family Visitors by Santiago Perez, 8th Grade

One time that made me smile was seven years ago when my cousins came from Arizona. They came up to visit over the summer and when they came we did fun things when they were here. We went to Universal ...more

Rolling On Four Wheels, by Elmer Esqueda, 6th Grade

Skating is my passion. I started when I was nine. I never got on the skateboard till I was ten and got my own skateboard. My brother taught me different positions. There are regular and goofy ...more

My First Concert by Henry Lacayo, 8th Grade

Music is what makes me happy because depending on what mood I am, I could listen to different genres of music that connect to my certain mood. I remember going to my first concert. It’s a day iI'l ...more

Las Vegas by Vivian Rivera, 7th Grader

One time in my life that made me smile was when I went to Las Vegas, Nevada. My parents wanted to take my brother and me to Arizona to see some family, but they decided to take us to Las Vegas to ...more

Black Friday by Kasandra Stengel 8th Grade

I was happy on black Friday week. I was searching for jeans that fit me. After searching for them in almost every store I thought I would never find them. Then when all hope was lost, I found jeans ...more

The Sleep Over by Jairo Arias, 7th Grade

One time that I was happy was the day I went to a 15 year old party for one of my sister's friends. One of my friends was there and we played tag with the other kids. I asked my dad if he could ...more

Playing Guitar by Jesse Castillo, 7th Grade

One thing that is making me smile is music. I love music because I like how there’s a rhythm to it. I also play guitar because of my favorite guitarist who inspired me. My favorite guitarist is named ...more

A Good Basketball Game by Dylan Hang, 7th Grade

I like to play sports like basketball and football. It is very fun especially when I play with my family or friends. I remember a time that my two cousins, my brother, and I were all going against a ...more

Disneyland Really Is The Happiest Place on Earth by Alejandro Herrera, 7th Grade

What makes me smile? One time when I was happy was when my parents took my sister and me to Disneyland. We went on most of the rides. One of my favorite ride was the Haunted Mansion. I liked this ...more

Dad and Daughter Time by Brianna Esqueda, 7th Grade

Something that makes me happy is playing softball. Softball makes me happy because playing softball or baseball has been passed on in my family for generations so I want to keep passing it on. I been ...more

A Great Weekend by Brian Marin, 7th Grade

One late afternoon my family decided to go on a trip to San Francisco. So on a Friday night we left. knew but I knew that it would take 4 hours and I knew it would be worth it. It would be worth it ...more

Our Christmas Tradition by Sol Aguilar, 6th Grade

Every year for Christmas all my family goes to my Tia’s house. We eat homemade tamales and lots of cookies. Then we play ”UNO”. The winner of each round gets to open a present from underneath the ...more

Skating by Pamela Estrada, 7th Grade

One thing that makes me smile is Ice Skating. During winter break last year I went Ice Skating for the first time and it was fun. What made it even more special was the fact that my whole entire ...more

I Love Soccer by Luis Garcia, 7th Grade

Soccer is the thing that makes me happy. I was playing soccer since the age of five. Every time I feel sad I go outside and play soccer. In soccer I play at the midfield position, I am one of the ...more

Monkeys Make Me Smile by Maria Campuzano, 8th Grade

One thing that can instantly make me smile is a monkey! When I was around 3 years old my parents would always take me places, one of them being the zoo. We would go see the monkeys and something ...more

Basketball by Elijah Ayala, 8th Grade

One thing that makes me happy or smile is basketball. Playing basketball is fun for me cause its entertaining and easy to play. One time that was really fun was when some of my friends came over and ...more

Shopping Makes Me Happy by Jazmine Sanchez, 8th Grade

One thing that makes me happy is, shopping. There wasn’t a specific time that shopping made me really happy cause shopping in general makes me extremely happy. Being able to spend hundreds on ...more

Friends Make Me Happy by Abraham Chavez, 8th Grade

Something that makes me happy is my friends. My friends and I hang out everyday. We make each other laugh and smile by telling jokes. We hang out outside of school. One day we went to the movies and ...more

Time With My Brother by Jesse Castillo, 8th Grade

I get happy when I see my brother. I get happy because when I see my brother we do fun stuff. We do stuff like going to the mall and Griffith Park. Although, just to see him makes my day better. Its ...more

Finding Diamonds by Mindy Chan, 8th Grade

What makes me happy is when I play Minecraft with my cousin. We almost always find diamond in a cave. When we find a diamond, I’m always really happy because diamonds are really hard to find. You ...more

Sports by Maxwell Phung, 7th Grade

Playing sports makes me happy because I have been playing for so long. My favorites sports are basketball, baseball, and football. I mostly play basketball. I started playing sports during the summer ...more

Skate Smile by Una Santiago-Cayceco, 7th Grade

I was first introduced to roller skating by my dad who skateboards. He got me got me my first pair of roller skates for the Christmas of 2015. Ever since then every time I’m with him I try to roller ...more

Fortnight by Roberto Montoya, 8th Grade

I was playing Fortnite on solo. I had a golden scar and pumpkin launcher. I eliminated 3 people trying to ambush me. It was a 1 versus 1 scenario. My enemy was hiding as a bush and I shot pumpkins at ...more

New Friends for Gaming by Gabriel Barcenas, 7th Grade

The time that made me happy is when I got my Xbox 1. I first had my Xbox 360 when I was 8 years old. Then I got my Xbox 1 last year. I really did not use my Xbox 1 because I had no one to play with. ...more

Soccer by Eric Hillaria, 7th Grade

The day I was happy was when I was eight years old. The reason I was happy was I went to the LA Galaxy Stadium in Carson then later I went to my dad’s friend's son's birthday. I had a soccer ...more

A Special Gift From My Cousin by Jason Diaz, 7th Grade

Last year on Christmas I got a present from my cousin. That present was precious to me because I rarely see him. I opened it and I saw a game called Rainbow Six Siege. When I saw that game I was ...more

Social Media by Joshua Ramos, 7th Grade

What makes me very happy in my life is using my phone and social media, such as InstaGram, SnapChat, and YouTube. It makes me happy because whenever I go onto my social media accounts, I find a lot ...more

Flowers by Aritzy Arroyo, 7th Grade

Something that makes me happy is flowers. My favorite kinds of flowers are roses and sun flowers. I like flowers because my grandpa works for a flower shop and he’s always bringing them. They’re ...more

My Friends and Sticky Stuff by Jerry Serafin, 7th Grade

Hanging out with my friends makes me happy because they always make me laugh and they will listen to what I have to say. They are chill to hangout with. We also do crazy stuff. For example me Nick ...more

I Like Soccer by Angel Revolorio, 7th Grade


Peliculas de Terror by Delia Alvalos ,7th Grade

Me gusta ver películas, mas que nada las de terror. Voy con mis amigos o familia y siempre es muy divertido y asombroso.

Amo ir con mis amigos al cine porque despues de ver una pelicula de terror ...more

The Best Day of My Life by John Bautista, 8th Grade

The best day of my life was on Black Friday. It’s the best day to me because I got a nice hoodie from Zumiez. The logo on the hoodie was spitfire and the color was burgundy. I also got a pair of ...more