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The Separation by Kaiya Dale, 8th Grade

My best friend is upset with me because I’m moving to another state and he isn’t happy. He also feels that when I see him again the bond beetween us will be broken. I’m afraid that we will forget each other. In the end I know he will always be in my heart.

Me and My Bestie by India Wheeler, 8th Grade

My best friend and I like to sing, dance, and we talk to each other about everthing and anything. We make funny snaps together. We sing with along to songs with each other and we even remix the songs.  Our first bump in the road was small but at the time it seemed really big. We didn’t talk for days and every time we saw each other it was pretty akward, espically since we took the same bus. We got over it in a week.

Always Smiling and Laughing by Damaris Nolasco, 8th Grade

    The other day in P.E. me and my friends could not stop laughing. We were laughing non-stop, our stomachs even started hurting and we had tears in our eyes. We kept making jokes, and we didn’t stop from the very beginning of class to the very end. We mostly just laughed at each other and at anything and everything. With them I am always happy and laughing, there is never a dull moment when we’re together.

Airsoft Adventures by Clarke Dandridge, 7th Grade

    On occasion I will play airsoft with one of my friends.  If you don’t know what airaoft is, it is very similiar to paintball but instead of the big paint balls you have small BBs, which one, they hurt less and two, they don’t make a big mess.  Anyway, we have done that a couple times and we might be doing it again in a week.  When we do this activity it’s always a lot of fun to do since I can communicate with someone else during the game and I have a partner to watch my back so I don’t get shot.  I also watch his back so he doesn’t get shot.

Friday On My Mind by Natalie Tello, 6th Grade

Some times on Friday after school me and my friend  go to Burger King and hang out. We always order chicken fries, medium french fries, and a large fountain drink. We sit in a corner to eat and we talk.She always makes me laugh and  we have a great time.We talk about parties, siblings, funny moments, and other stuff. I am always looking foward to Fridays.

Privileges of Friendship by Maribel Vasquez, 8th Grade

One time Richmond, my friend Leslie and I went to Mr.Nguyen’s for tutoring . We were hanging out in the back and Mr.Nguyen told some girl she had to sit with us. So while we were doing RCA’s, Leslie and I were joking with Richmond by insulting him. He said “Oh my God, why am I so useless!” Then, Leslie and I agreed with him.  It was all in fun but the girl sitting with us also called Richmond stupid. That caused Leslie turn to her and say, “Hey, thats my friend you’re talking about, say sorry”  We were going back and forth with her for a little while. Then she said “sorry.” Richmond said “Thanks, you guys are really my friends”.