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H. Nariman

Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Graphic Design


Students learn to use the principles and elements of design as they create a variety of projects using Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and Illustratror and with traditional paper and pencil.   Projects include website design, a school newsletter, the annual yearbook and much much more!


"It's a lot of fun.  You learn how to make things look different and we make art like mandalas and we get to write about ourselves." B. Lopez, 8th Grade

"I liked Color 101 where we did our own version of Andy Warhol pop art.  I did Donald Duck with dollar signs." F. Rivera, 7th Grade


"You get to do really artistic projects that look fantastic and are fun to do.  The teacher is very nice too." A. Cooper, 7th Grade

"Something I really liked was learning how to make all kinds of perfect polygons and circles with rulers, compasses and protractors and then to create a mandala." K. Galvez, 7th Grade

"I like to get creative.  One of my favorite projects this year was ThreeTruths, One Lie" C. Lazo, 7th Grade

"I like to change images in Photoshop.  You can be really creative." W. Villatoro, 7th Grade