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Dress Code


Student Uniforms

The purpose of wearing student uniforms: 1) to provide for the safety of the students; 2) to maintain an environment in which students may learn without distracting others and without being distracted by others.

Student uniforms can be purchased at the Irving Student Store during school hours.


Uniform Requirements

Students at Irving are required to wear a school uniform.  All uniforms must meet the dress code requirements.

Pants, Shorts, Skirts:  Must be black.

Shirts, Blouses:  Must be the collared uniform shirt with the Irving Magnet logo.  These shirts are sold for $15 in the Irving Student Store.

All sweatshirts and sweaters must be either solid black or blue. Students are encouraged to purchase an Irving Magnet hooded sweatshirt at the Student Store for $20.


Free Dress Policy

Dress Code for Free Dress Days

All students, including those with uniform waivers, are expected to dress in a clean and neat manner at all times.  The dress code is subject to change.

Clothing may not be worn if it includes:

1.Clothing or jewelry deemed provocative, disruptive, or offensive to the educational process. (i.e. Clothing with slogans or pictures that depict alcohol, drugs, tobacco, sex, racism, or violence).

2.Gang or crew-related clothing of any kind;

a.Hats, bandanas, hair-nets, or any headgear worn without administrative approval

b.Baggy pants/shorts/sweatpants that are larger that the student’s actual waist measurement, or fall below the waistband of their undergarments

c.Initialized belt buckles

d.Shorts extended below the knee in combination with socks that approach the knee

e.Professional team attire

f.Belts may not hang or dangle from the waist

g.Work pants, overalls, Dickeys, or Ben Davis attire

3.Nylon or polyester sports-type pants or shorts with elastic waist drawstring (this includes leggings or stretchy pants as outwear)

4.Halter-tops, crop-tops, see-through fabrics, spaghetti strap tops, tube tops, muscle shirts (jerseys), bare midriff, tank-tops, or any top that reveals undergarments.

5.Attire that may be used as a weapon such as spikes, chains, steel-toed boots, studs, etc.

6.Backless or open-toed footwear.

7.Shorts and skirts that are shorter than mid-thigh length

8.Hoods on sweaters, shirts, etc are not to be worn over the head while on campus.

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