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Film Club by Chester Bier

     Everyone one likes movies, and it may seem as though watching movies during school is impossible. But fear not, just head to room 408 with Ms. Acosta and get a glimpse of a new movie every once and a while. When you have free time at lunch and are looking for something fun to do film club is the perfect thing to do. 

     Film club is almost always showing a new movie. It’s the perfect place to go when you are aching to see a movie. The room is almost the same as a movie theater. It’s Dark nice and cool and incredibly fun to watch movies in. The atmosphere is also great the people are quiet and kind, plus you can bring your own food. The movies are also a really great quality and pretty easy to see from any part of the room.

     Film Club takes place at lunch in room 408 in the science building. Ms. Acosta in a science-building classroom sponsors it. Ms. 

Acosta is a English and history teacher for eighth grade. From what I have heard she is a very kind and fun teacher. She finds the different movies to watch and where to watch to watch them so her and other students can watch these movies for free.

     The film club is a great place to go when your feeling bored and want to watch something. There are all sorts of movies from the sad ones to the happy ones. Sometimes they are playing a movie you have seen and sometimes not. The Film Club has movies and more it’s a nice place to escape to from the craziness of lunch. Go to film club and explore new movies revisit old ones and have an overall great time.