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Giving Thanks by Jasmin Perales, Jacky Anguiano and Briseis Ornelas

Many families in America wait for the day of November 28 every year, a holiday many loved ones, eating dinner with them. A day that is filled with laughter and warm smiles from loved ones. The holiday was first celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November, which was a harvest festival instead. Funny thing is, Americans didn’t actually first celebrate it at all. It wasn’t a holiday that they even created! 


Originally the Pilgrims had celebrated it in 1621, located in Plymouth, Massachusetts 

United States. George Washington had seen America in a much better light and wanted to be able to give thanks to everyone. So, he proposed the idea of celebrating Thanksgiving on December 1777, in the remembrance of the Continental Army’s victory over the British at Saratoga. Over time, without going 

into the details it became a national holiday that we celebrate now in the twenty-first century. 



On Thanksgiving, many people often tend to forget how important family is. Sometimes they take them for granted, remember to always be grateful for your family no matter how odd they may be. Sometimes being at home having a movie marathon, is an amazing time to bond with them. Spending with people you love and cherish is something you should always be grateful for, no matter the holiday.