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The Horror Club by Santiago Orellana

Have you ever wanted any horror during lunch? Well horror club is the place to be. They watch many different horror related entertainment, like movies clips, Stranger Things, The music to Thriller, Creped Out and Beetle Juice. Those are just a few activities that they do at the horror club.


They call themselves “the loser club” because of the movie “It”. Sometimes the teacher, Ms. Gavin asks what we like to watch. For them Halloween is almost everyday. They give us candy every time we arrive there. If you don’t want to watch a movie that is too bloody then don’t worry, all of the movies are rated G. In some movies they allow them to watch clips with blood in it but nothing inappropriate or bad.


Now I will let the president, Nathan Zacarias, of the horror club talk about their spooky exercises in horror club. He stated they watch "Creeped Out," most of the time because the kids like it.  Everyone is welcome.  Come join us.