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Playing Soccer by Max Velazquez and Erick Bravo

     Did you know that soccer is fun to play? There are positions to be on like being on defense, goalie, and attackers. So if you want to be on a team you have to go to tryouts to see if you are good enough to be on the team. Also you have to go though a few courses to train to be good at moving the ball and passing the ball. 

     The coaches will tell you if you are good so that you can go to tournaments and win trophies. They will give you t equipment so you won't get hurt. Then if they put you on bench you get ready and warm up. 

     Finally they call you to play with the team, and at what position, such as forward, defender, and goalie, or middle. You will learn about the green card  telling you that you are safe but don’t do it again.   Yellow card is a warning but if you get three then you are out and red card means you are out of the game. Then if you beat the final team win a get trophy.