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Graphic Design by Christy Lucero

Graphic design is fascinating, you learn a lot and Mrs.Nariman is a positive,nice,creative,motivating teacher.  She helps you feel confident in your work and you surprisingly you notice how you get better at your work and at designing. My first year of taking this class was a little challenging but it gets easier after a while.  We learn all you need to know, like what apps to use and what each tool is used for.  Ms. Nariman off easy with things to make on Photoshop,then after a few months it gets a bit hard.You improve so much! I remember my first year in graphic design and I was not good but then I slowly improved, especially my second year of graphic design I noticed I'm way better at using Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator and I'm still learning new things even though in advanced graphic design.I have some work on E-times and I'm doing a page in the year book.I have to thank Mrs.Nariman for teaching me , giving me motivation,helping me with certain things I never knew how to use.She is an amazing teacher that helps you learn new things,and helps you build courage in your work,and lets you have a good time while working!