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Do You Know Valery Rodriguez by Isabella Contreras

Valery Rodriguez is a Irving student & here is some Questions I asked Valery. Number one why did you join graphic design???? And her answer . . . “before, I stared 6th, Mr. Lozano asked if I wanted to change my electives. I wanted to change and he told me about the other electives and graphic design caught my eye.” Ever since VALERY has   been in graphic design. 


Another Question I asked her is “what’s your favorite thing to do in graphic design?” She told me “I love to draw on the computer (Photoshop) with the pen tool. I trace other drawings and color them & make a few tweaks to finish.” Valery Rodriguez has been in Graphic design for 3 years now. Another question I asked Valery was “how many drawing do you have or have made?’’ She has 41 drawings in total from last year to this year. 


These are some things from our 8th grader Valery Rodriguez hope you enjoyed reading about this amazing 8th student