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Dungeon and Dragons by Lucas Henrich

It all started one day when Evan was teaching Emma how to play Dungeons & Dragons. Adriano overheard and asked if they wanted to come over to his house for D&D. That became the first official meeting of the D&D club. This all happened while I was in Italy, so I didn’t hear about it until I came back. In that time period, Different people started joining, like Milan, Robert and Adriano’s younger sister, Sylvana. Robert was a cleric, Milan was a wizard but also a squirrel/finger hunter (don’t ask), Adriano is the Dungeon Master. He comes up with what happens. When I came back, I found out about this. I joined and became a warrior. They were on an island and found a tower when I joined. We started playing and we defeated a couple of people, went up a tower, and found a magic doorway with a scorpion demon dude. 

The very next meeting, it was Adriano’s birthday. We surprised him as he came up the stairs and celebrated. We ate cake, pizza and chips. Then, we played D&D and went to his backyard to play mushroom ta