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Being On the Dance Team by Itzel Villa

Well for dance team you have to be committed and show up to practices, show up on time, and not miss practices. Most practices start at 3:30 to 6:00 and on Tuesdays it is at 1:00 to 6:00 and sometimes it will start at 3:00 because Ms. Dunn has meetings to attend but it will most likely start at 1:00. In this story I will be talking about my experience of being in the dance team and being a dancer. 


Being in dance team is really fun, but you have to have commitment and focus. When you put focus in a dance it's really fun. My personal experience of being in dance is not only is it really fun, but it is  competitive and challenging and that’s what makes it fun. I am a co-captain for the Irving Dance Team. To be a captain or a co-captain it requires a lot of responsibility and commitment. The dance team is like a big family where everyone supports each other and helps each other. Dance Team is also like a group of ducks because, nobody get left behind. 


There are three dance teams, TNR, ATeam, Next Gen, and Lyrical. Ms. Dunn will place you in one or more of those teams. To audition you have to get a permission slip from Ms. Dunn so your parents can sign the paper 

and so they know where you are going to be for after school. 


The reason I dance is because I let out how I feel on the dance floor. Another reason is because I really liked to dance when I was a little kid. 


Well for being on Dance Team you’ll have to come to practice for training and for agility and for concentration. Also for competitions that  will be held in schools and for Vegas it will be held in a hotel. 


Most dances for competitions have to have synchronization, cleanness, can’t be sloppy, and the moves have to be clean to see. The competition we go to is Sharp International. Also Team has to come in their warm up clothes and then they have to get dressed for their first routine and then if the Team has more than one routine they will have to practice and then get ready for their next performances.