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20,000 Leagues Under the Sea by Milan Grier

I have been reading the book, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Vernes. It follows a French professor and his two friends who discover the first-ever submarine. This submarine is known as the Nautilus, a large underwater ship that uses the treasures from the ocean to continue living within the ship… 


It starts when the people aboard a ship discover this strange “sea monster” underwater near the ship. They have been waiting to hunt down this “sea monster” so they decide to attack it and end up with a destroyed ship. The professor and his assistant have left far away in the middle of the ocean and meet a Canadian man on board a “moving island”. It turns out that this island is the underwater vessel that they have been hunting and are then taken by strange men and pulled into the ship. They wake up in a strange cell in which they know nothing and are tired and confused. They soon meet the men who captured them and learn that they are on a ship that can stay underwater for a long time. This ship is called the Nautilus and takes things found in the ocean and uses them to recreate life underwater. For example, the food comes from sea animals found and killed to use for their fine dining. They are then offered a place to stay within this ship and learn the life underwater. 


The captain of this ship, Captain Nemo, told the three men that he had built this himself, by reusing the things around him he created a luxurious ship designed to withstand the underwater pressure and function as a regular ship. Time does not work like how it normally does with the cycle of day and night. There are clocks but usually, it depends on the times set in your own body, which you use to figure out when to have breakfast or dinner. So far I have not gone very far with the book although I have learned enough as to what this ship is, and who these people are. The captain seems friendly although it becomes strange when the captain disappears aboard the ship for many days. Who knows what will happen next as to why the captain had left the professor and his two friends and what they will do next.