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Robotics Competition by Luca Broggi

     This weekend was the qualification matches for the Robotics League. Now my team is 3rd place we are 4863R. 4863A 2nd place, and 4863H got 1st place. All three are from Irving!  Now 4863H is guaranteed to go to Iowa for the national championship. 

     We got to the tournament at  7 am and it was so cold and windy. The competition was at a church. We walked inside and there was a weird carpet thing on the wall. They had 4 fields 2 for actual battles, one for practice and one more for skills. Skills are for a little extra points and move your ranking up but only like by one and you will need a lot of skill points. My team got 2nd place in skills and didn’t change anything. We won the first battle but the second we lost. Then we won the other ones except for one time. The enemy team’s intake broke and was blocking us from doing anything. Another time after that we lost but the enemy alliance got disqualified for crossing the line in autonomous mode, so we won. We made it to the semi finals and won the first battle. But then for the second battle we were up against the other team 4863H. They had been doing great and their alliance was first place. They won the autonomous with ten points. Each autonomous round win gets six points. They stacked 4 so 4+6 is ten. They had a robot that could stack 11. They destroyed us. So it was the last battle. 4863A was also doing super well. It was 4863A against 4863H both had amazing alliances. It was super close but the ports on 4863A messed up, and they had a heart breaking defeat. But 4863H got first place and we got a trophy. 

     In the end it was probably the most fun competition I’ve had yet. We now know what we are going to do for the next competition we will improve our autonomous to get 4 points. We are going to another competition this Saturday