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Making Your Own Business by Emma Ann Fairbrother

My first business was a Lemonade Stand and a Bake Sale. Now I am a Babysitter. I think that babysitting is my first real business because I have business cards and the business lasts much more than a few hours. I have three customers right now. One of them is my next-door neighbor; the other one is my mom’s friend that lives very close to my house; the last one we met when we went to a place where we could forage, where there were toddler activities. I sort of have another customer but in a few months because they are very protective parents.


The best way to get customers is word of mouth and if you advertise in a public place you will get customers that could be good and could be very bad. So at any costs please do not put up public adds. So that parents would trust me I got Red Cross certified in babysitting online. My first customer said they would pay for the online certification presentation and quiz if I hung out with their kid for free and I thanked them so much. I also set my price lower than usual because I am younger than most babysitters.


If you are just making a business for the money you will never be successful and you will not be enjoying yourself. If you aren’t enjoying yourself what are you doing? I started babysitting because I love kids, toddlers, and babies and I want to be a teacher and babysitting is as close as I can get.

Thank you for reading! I hope you start a business soon. Good Luck!