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Urban Legends, by Zanessa DeLeon, Emily Calzada and Jimena Martinez

On June 10 2009, a contest was hosted by a Internet forum named “Something Awful”, in order to win you had to create a paranormal image that would spook people out. The contest went too far and became an Urban Legend.

The image was of a character who goes around stalking, traumatizing, and abducting children.  His name is Slenderman. He lives in the deep scary end of the forest. The victims of Slenderman who survived, had experienced a certain sickness, which includes paranoia, insomnia, amnesia, etc. These victims were driven insane, and supposedly would then be taken under his control. This was experienced by 2 girls. Luckily, they  didn’t end up believing the myth and following through on any crazy commands.

Do you believe this legend or do you think not?