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What's New In The Library, by Yamilett Renteria

Who’s the librarian? Ms. Miller’s favorite thing about the library is how much potential it has, and how much she loves that it encourages students to read more at school. She also feels that the library is a safe place. Ms. Miller loves being a librarian because it gives her a chance to help students who don’t like reading and help them have a change of thought. But she is not such a fan of E-books, she believes that a book was meant to be read on paper although she does appreciate the fact that less trees would get cut down she still prefers paper books. During the day she organizes books, orders furniture for the library, and organizes the Book Decathlon. Ms. Miller‘s hopes for the library are to have a strong collection of books to get students to come in.

The library has changed so much from just last year. Ms. Miller has been a really big help to the “make over” of the library. Now lets get to the big question “What’s new in the library?”... New Computers! There are now about 10 computers in the library that you can use, for homework or even to search up a book you would like. Don’t be afraid to go up to Ms. Miller's Desk, she is always willing to help, she even has a really great selections of bookmarks.


You are welcome at the library any time; make sure to check it out during lunch and nutrition even before or after school. See you there