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Robotics Car Race By Victor Soria

    This is paragraph is about how my partner and I won the robotics car race in our class. We had to build a race car with our robotics tools and materials. It took us about a week and a half to build our race car to compete in the race. Everyone had to finish building their race cars in order for the race to start. When everyone was done with their cars, we went to race outside. We had to put our cars at the top of a ramp and let it go. In order to win the race, your car had to go the farthest from the ramp. We had to put it on top of the ramp because our race cars didn't have motors to move themselves. Everyone had to put their cars on the ramp and let it go. When we all let it go, only 5 cars went far, but we still won the race. It was very fun and exciting.