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Aquarium of the Pacific By Lucas Henrich

  On April 24, 2019, a group of LACER students visited the Aquarium of the Pacific. Even though the bus ride was long, we entertained ouselves with Nintendo Switches. When we got there, we were separated into groups of 10. Among my friends in my group were Robert, Marcus, Jordyn, and Adan. We went inside a side entrance and went inside the main building. First, we went to the Southern California/ Baja Gallery where we saw a bunch of seals. For whatever reason, one of the seals had an interest in a brochure I had. That eventually put us outside where we went to a touch tank with horseshoe crabs, stingrays, and tiger sharks. That was right next to a tank with larger stingrays and sharks. Then, we went to a lorikeet sanctuary where we got small cups of nectar. The lorikeets actually landed on our arms and drank it! We stayed there for a while and then went out and washed our hands. After that, we went up to the upper viewing part of where the seals were. We went inside from there and then went downstairs and had a small snack (if you brought money). We went back upstairs and went into an exhibit where we saw a lot of things. Some of these things were Mantis Shrimp, Sea Dragons, squids and many more. From there, we went to the gift shop and again, if you had money, you bought stuff. Finally, we went back on the bus and played on our Nintendo Switches again.