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Our Trip to the Huntington Gardens By Kerry Carlson

  Jack, Millan, Aidan and I were starving as we walked to the bus that our lunches were in. We looked around expecting a big yellow veicle but there was nothing. “Was the bus driver coming?” we thought as our stomaches rumbled. “Where is the bus?!” Our teacher Ms. Mayer yelled. “The bus wasn't there and we have food,” we all knew. Then we went over to the tables still hungry with no food. After that, all the people with lunches went over to the gift shop. We somehow didn't have our lunches though. We had no money at all and there was an ice cream store with chips and snacks. Many kids were now walking in and out of with ice cream and food. We were MAD and we should have been as we watched kids that already ate lunches minutes ago were eating cold ice cream. We asked everybody if they were able to give us any food like a chip or something but they denied. It was almost time to go when a teacher's assistant said they could give us 5 dollars. We walked in as fast as we could and we picked up every thing we could. We got a chip bag and one coke but when we got to the register the total was too much. We sat there hungry and defeated, but also in a hurry. Then the cashier put a dollar in the register and all of our faces lit up. "Thank you!" We said repeatedly to the lady. We walked out and poured the coke into 4 cups and started splittiing the chips as we thanked the T.A. We finished the food and were very thankful to the people who helped us. “Bus is here,” the teachers yelled as we walked towards the bus while the teacher talked to the bus driver about why she didn’t come for lunch. We got on the bus and started talking about what happen and things we saw at the gardens. Soon enough we were back at school. We sat down at the covered eating area minutes before the bell rang ready to tell our friends about the trip we took to the Huntington Gardens.