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How i survived ms. lee's science by chanel verzo

  This year was my first year here at Irving. It was pretty good, except I struggled in Science. You see, I have Ms. Lee for Science, and I think most people know how Ms Lee’s class is very challenging. I still don’t have a perfect grade, but it is the best grade I’ve had the whole year and I’m very satisfied. Here are my tips on how to survive Ms. Lee’s class (if not every class). My first tip is that you have to pay attention. It is very crucial if you want to pass (I can tell you from experience). My second tip is be very, very observant when it comes to labs. When she gives you the lab and the paper, the paper is all about what you saw, observed and if you didn’t look at the experiment close enough, you won’t do so well on that paper. My last tip is to ask questions. This applies to every class, but Science especially. I’m a shy person when I meet new people. Having said that, I don’t ask questions during class. Science is very complicated so once you loose track, you’ll never get back. If that happens, have fun in tutoring!