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Six Flags by Javier Torres 8th grade

I am looking forward to going to Six Flags, and what I am going to do over there. Im going to try to get on all of the rides. I'm probably going to get sleepy because we are going to be there during the night. I'm most likely going to be hungry too because I don’t really eat school food, and i wait to get home to eat. Im looking forward to having fun with all of my friends there. It’s going to be a fun time over there, and I’m going to make it last. It’s going to be something to remember. Hopefully there is good food there. I don’t want to be hungry, and have something that’s not too good . There are most likely going to be long lines at Six Flags. My friends and I are going to just make jokes and make each other laugh in the lines. I'm going to make a lot of memories over there beacause we are going to different high schools. That is what I’m looking forward to at Six Flags.