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School Dance by lawrence sanchez

 It was Lawrence’s first school dance. He was also new to the school. It’s his first year here and he doesn’t really know anyone here. There was a school dance coming up in a couple of weeks and he didn’t know who to go with. He only knew some people from his elementary, but they didn’t really talk as much as they used to before. Anyways, a couple days later, Lawrence met some new friends and they all got along. They all decided to go to the dance together. The dance wasn’t coming up until a few more weeks, so Lawrence and his friends spent their time hanging out and getting to know each other. A couple weeks had passed, Lawrence and his friends bought tickets for the dance. The dance was finally here, they entered the building and there was a lot of people. They were all shy at first, but they got to meet a lot of nice people and they became friends with more people. Everyone got along with each other and they all had a good time. Lawrence and some of his friends didn’t know how to dance, but there were people to help them. They all danced crazy together. They bought food and went back to dancing. The dance was a blast and everyone had a good time. Lawrence and his friends even met some girls to talk to. Everything’s going well amd everyone’s still having a good time. After the dance, Lawrence and his friends did more crazy things together.