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Obamarama by Jack Dore

When the class for graphic design on either March tenth or March eleventh started, the students were warned by Ms. Nariman that they would be challenged by the next project more then any other in her class. Some pleased, others nervous, everyone had a different reaction. The classes got their keyboards and mice and prepared for battle. Our enemy? A final project called Obamarama. On paper it’s simple, just make Barack Obama’s face with the pen tool on Adobe Illlustrator. But in execution it was the hardest thing we had ever done in her class. First a internet picture of Obama, then paste. After, we went to the pen tool. clicks and drags were rampant in the room until the last one was sounded, and the task was done. Obamas on the walls stared down, marking our victory. and we  had all lived to pen tool another day.