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Our Game Board Project by Gianne Figueroa, 8th Grade

   In the beginning of the year of 8th grade, my classmates and I were given the assignment to make a boardgame about the 13 colonies. Each group consisted of 4 people and we had about 3 weeks to complete it. We started off by writing down questions we would ask for the game and each of us had to write at least 5. When we started making the actual board game, we bought the materials that were needed at the nearest store and went to one of the group members house to make it. When we got there we decided that two of us would make the board for the board game, and the other two of us would write down the question on some cards. We got the paint and started painting the board, so it wasn’t just brown, and it took us a while to paint it for some reason. To be honest we were messing around most of the time but in the end we got the project mostly done. While we were painting I pretended like I was going to eat the paint, and someone squeezed the paint bottle almost making me eat it, but I dodged it and it got on my favorite pair of jeans. I was freaking out at the time, getting the closest paper towel I could find and started trying to wipe the paint off. In the end, it never got off and the paint stain is still there to this day. That project was the most fun project I’ve had to be honest.