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LACER Word Wizard by Marcella Quintanar, 8th grade

    For many months at LACER a group of students, including me, practiced every week. Practice for what you might ask? For Word Wizard. In Word Wizard we learned sixty college level words. We didn’t just learn these words but we also learned the spelling, definition, and part of speech for each word. Trying to learn all of these words was very challenging. Our group included both eighth and seventh graders. Eventually, after months of practice our team was going to head to the Word Wizard competition to represent Irving. I was so nervous to compete the day of the competition. Our school was against two other schools. We started off the competition with spelling. I had got through that round and I was feeling confident. My confidence dropped when the definition round started. There was about five of us left. A little while into the definition round the judges had told me I had got out, but then on my way to sit down they told that I was actually correct. I was surprised. Then before I knew it there was only three competitors left. I was one of them. The person before me got the word incorrect and now I was in the top two. I was then next. My word was “ingratiate”. I got the definition incorrect. Even though I got it wrong I was proud of myself for placing second. I was awarded a medal. Someone from another school placed first. Overall the competition was a great experience and I will never forget it.