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Music Field Trip To LA Phil by Emma Fairbrother

On this exciting day everyone who came to the field trip to LA Phil was amazed by seeing Michael Giacchino. He talked about composing for many, many movies. We also saw 3 or 4 different high schoolers learning about composing and they composed different music for the same scene in Star Trek. After going to LA Phil we walked to the LA Market place and we got 1 hour to roam around there. We had to be in goups of 4 or more. In my group we walked around looking for a resturant we wanted to eat at. We all agreed on ordering from a freshly made pasta place. After we finished eating we went to get ice cream from a great ice cream place. After eating our ice cream we decided to get a snack for the bus so we got candy from a very cool candy shop that sells candy by the pound. When we finished getting our snack it was time to leave, we were sad to leave but we were excited to have the bus back.