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My Geometry Class by Dillon Chan 8th grade

    I am in Geometry because I took eighth grade math when I was in seventh grade and now I take geometry. In geometry we relearn some of the things in eighth grade math and then we get to work on problems on geometic figures. We learn formulas for finding area then we use that area for something else. Like today, I learned about sectors of a circle and how to find the area of a sector. I learned about the point of concurrency of triangles and how lines inside could be congruent. Other times I use algebra to find some information I need to know to find the area of a circle. For homework I get no RCA’s, I just get homework from the book I use. For tests I get them every two weeks and the tests are just recapping what I learned the past days. I also get one period of math so I now have three electives. When we get homework you basically have 2 days to finish it, the day you are given the assignment and the day afterwards. This class has only me and 3 other kids that were in my seventh (eighth) grade class.