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Drag Racers by Valery Rodriguez

The drag racer that my friend and I made was done in robotics. We had to build four different types of drag racers, but we only managed to make three different types. The car was programmed to travel for 5 seconds and our mission was to make the drag racer go as far as possible. The car had to at least  travel 40 feet or more.  The first car didn’t go as far because it went 20 feet, the second car went faster and made it to 40 or 50 feet. The last car went a little less further. Both the sencond and third car had a gear ratio that was a compound. We even had races with other people’s car. My friend’s and my car was the fastest in the class because we were the first ones to finish and sooner or later, 2 people caught

us and that was when we had competition. We didn’t race them because we were focusing on making our car not have a bad start like the third car.  The drag racers were fun to build, but it was getting annoying to have to almost destroy the whole thing just to change the gears. Talking about almost destroying cars, we had to take our car apart and make another one out of aluminum. Mr. Valdez said that the reason why we had to build so many different types of cars was because we have to learn how the gear ratio or the material would effect the drag racer. It was really fun doing this project in robotics. When we were done with that we had to write an essay about what we learned and include informatiom.