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A Flower Fantasy For All, by Peter Aguirre, 6th Grade

     Ms. Hultman and Ms. Mayer recently took a group of students to the Huntington Library and Gardens in San Marino near Pasadena.  The Huntington is a huge place.  Some of the things I found most beautiful were the Chinese and Japanese gardens.  Three things the Gardens have in common is that they are mostly made of stone, water, and plants.

     After walking around admiring colorful flowers and plants and gigantic buildings. we went on a bunch of adventures,  First, we went to the Huntington Library and saw a goose swimming in the fountain with its chest puffed up like a proud mariachi musician.  Next, we went to the Chinese Garden where we learned Mr. Huntington bought lots of Chinese and Japanese plants and sculptures to recreate real Chinese and Japanese gardens like those found in Asia.  Finally, when we went inside the Huntington Library we saw a lot of old-fashioned books, some that are at least 100 or more years old, that are still intact today.  I found the Huntington mansion most interesting because the house is grand, big, and beautiful and must have been a wonderful place to live in.